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What to Watch on HBO Max in October 2021

By Bea

As most of us know, HBO has brought us some good quality TV shows and films over the years. With successes like Game of Thrones, Sex and the City, Mad Men, The Sopranos, and the likes, there’s no limit as to what the network will give its audiences next. With HBO max, we can now have access to everything the network has to offer and more. To kick off the Fall season, check out the list below for what to watch on HBO Max in October 2021!

Dune (2021)

Dune is an exciting epic science fiction film based on the 1965 novel of the same name. A reboot of the 1984 film adaptation, Dune 2021 was released in theaters September 15 this year. However, fans will be excited to find out that the film will be available on HBO Max this October 22nd. With an approval rating of 91% on Rotten Tomatoes, this is definitely something audiences must watch out for.

The Many Saints of Newark

This American crime drama film is a prequel to HBO’s popular and critically acclaimed crime drama series The Sopranos. The show may have ended 14 years ago, but it is still very much relevant today. It will feature a young Anthony Soprano growing up in one of the most tumultuous eras in Newark’s history, as rival gangsters begin to rise up and challenge his family’s control over the city. The long-awaited film will be released in theaters simultaneous to its HBO Max release (for a limited period of 31 days) on October 1.

Succession (Season 3)

The third season of the satirical drama series will premiere on October 17, 2021. It is about the wealthy and dysfunctional Roy family who are fighting over control of the family business – a global media and entertainment conglomerate. As the family patriarch’s health declines, his four children start vying for the most important role within the company. The series is critically acclaimed for its acting, writing, musical score, and production value.

Love Life (Season 2)

Love Life is a comedy anthology series that follows the central character’s first romance until the last. Each season focuses on the life of a different character. Watch out for the second season, coming out on October 28.

Insecure (Season 5)

This comedy drama series is loosely based on Issa Rae’s popular web series Awkward Black Girl. From the name itself, the show features the awkward experiences and realities of a modern African American woman in society. With approval ratings of over 94% for all 4 seasons, season 5 is bound to be another success. Check it out on HBO Max on October 24!

Curb Your Enthusiasm (Season 11)

On its 11th season, Curb Your Enthusiasm is a unique and hilarious show that features the fictionalized version of Larry David as he stars himself. Moreover, the show mainly shows Larry’s everyday interactions and conflicts brought about by his unorthodoxy and tactless manner of speaking. Season 11 will air on October 24.

Selena + Chef (Season 3)

Who knew that a series that came out due to the pandemic would be such a huge hit? Selena + Chef is an unscripted cooking show film in Selena Gomez’s home during quarantine. Each episode features a different cuisine and a guest professional chef who helps Selena out on disasters in the kitchen. Another great thing about this show is that for each episode, $10,000 is donated to the chef’s charity of choice.

The Missing

The Missing (aka Os Ausentes) is a Max Original that hails from Brazil, and features an ex-cop turned investigator who specializes in finding missing people. There’s nothing like a fresh new foreign show to bring something exciting to the table, huh?

15 Minutes of Shame

This documentary explores something plaguing our society today – cancel culture and internet shaming. With Monica Lewinsky, who is very familiar with internet shaming, as executive producer, this film takes an in-depth look at why we love to publicly hate on others and destroy reputations.

Craftopia (Season 2)

Bring out the glue and glitter because things are about to get crazy with Craftopia season 2. There’s nothing like arts and crafts to keep the competition going on this show as it takes a unique spin on crafting. With challenges ranging from designing holiday platters to making life-sized piñatas, the show features kids from 12 to 15 years old with an inclination for the arts.

What Happened Brittany Murphy?

Brittany Murphy was one of Hollywood’s most beloved actresses. This documentary will delve into her life, career, and untimely death in a two-part series directed by Cynthia Hill.

Entres Hombres (Amongst Men) Series Finale

Amongst Men is a sharp-humored, Argentinean crime drama that portrays the social division in Argentina during the late 1990s. It features the golden age of gangs, and the darkest times for the police. Moreover, the series features the violence and lack of moral, social, and political values in the country.

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