What we could have won!

So today sees the Fantastic Four finally accept Spider-Man as a member outside of the confines of a What-If story, while his Ultimate doppelganger risks facing his death. Considering the casualties in the Ultimate universe recently, I can well believe Brian Michael Bendis would kill him off.

After all, far be it from BMB to attempt to do anything shocking, and I suppose it is one way to deal with Spider-Man’s current over-exposure. I’m just waiting for him to become an X-Men reservist, now that he is on as many teams as Wolverine himself. Maybe they both had a blood transfusion from Jamie Maddrox?

The final issue of Ultimate Doom comes out today, which has been a thoroughly entertaining story. I adore these event driven stories, even though when such minis are resorted to, it is usually sounding the death knell of that universe. One only has to look at the fates of the New Universe and the Ultraverse for an example; both of which are sorely missed on my part. I want to see what has transpired in those universes as well since we left them. Not just the (admittedly excellent) revamp of the New Universe, but the original timelines.

Speaking of What-Ifs and event driven stories, I revisited one story over the weekend in multiple forms. Now I think that everyone would agree that the JLA/Avengers mini-series was everything that the first three DC vs. Marvel minis should have been, and I would hazard that the only thing missing would have been the presence of the Access, just for continuity’s sake.

Yet it left me for one wanting so much more, so I dug into my memories of fanfic where there are no shortage of attempts at this, and recalled one high class telling of such a tale. Over at JLU2001, a couple of years ago it engaged in a crossover with the similar Marvel2000 fanfic site, in another JLA/Avengers team up. Not pressured by the limitation of four chapters, and having to bear their own continuities in mind, writers Curt Ferdland and Chris Munn took their time getting the two teams together, adding such additional flavours as the Squadron Supreme. After all, who among comics fans has not contemplated a confrontation between them and the Justice League.  (It went less than well for both teams.)

If you have a few hours to kill, and have always hankered after more DC vs Marvel content, but of a higher standard that the so-named series itself, then you could a lot worse than invest the time in this series. The tale comes in thirteen parts, not all essential for enjoyment, but they certainly add to the flavour.

Oh, and I mentioned they had to have regard for their own continuities? Don’t be put off by that. If I were to tell you that the JLA had just fought the Time Trapper, that’s all you need to know. The characterisations are spot on, and one can easily tell which era the two teams hail from. So for a change, the only thing you need spend on my recommendation of the week is time. You won’t regret it.

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