What Would Apple Haters Do With the iPhone 5? Microwave It?

WARNING: If you are an Apple fanboy (or girl), and you would go to great lengths to be one of the first to get your hands on the latest iPhone (or iPad, or whatever gadget Apple releases), then you might want to sit down and prepare for an onslaught of almost uncontrollable feelings while reading this post and watching the video. ((Sorry, but I didn’t really feel much except for the word “idiot” popping into my head every 5 seconds.))

Who’s got the iPhone 5 yet? From the looks of it, the latest Apple phone really got fans going, with people queuing up days before the release. While no one can deny just how big of a fail Apple Maps is, we also cannot deny that the allure of the iPhone 5 is just as big. Not only has Apple hit sales records for the iPhone 5 in pre-order, no less, it also seems that there is going to be a shortage of units. It goes without saying that people who have gotten their unit, or are soon to get theirs, will be treating their new gadget with a whole lot of lovin’.

YouTube user dovetastic, however, has a different mindset. A “professional microwave operator” with at least 30 years of experience, this guy went down the path of “Will It Blend?“, except with a different kitchen appliance.

His most recent YouTube video features the much coveted iPhone 5 – all new and shiny, fresh from the box – and a tattered, oft-used microwave. The video starts with this screen.

iPhone 5 Microwave Warning

I think it’s pretty useless for two reasons. One, if you get an iPhone 5, you really would not want to throw down hundreds of dollars down the drain – especially if you actually want to use one. Replacements will not be easy to find right now. Two, if you hate Apple, you’ll attempt this anyway, just to get a rise out of your overly enthusiastic Apple-loving friends. If you can spare the money, that is.

So, warning aside, dovetastic goes ahead and shows how a professional microwave operator gets the job done. Seriously, I had to push myself to keep watching because he kinda creeped me out. And, as much as I know I will be getting an iPhone 5 in due time, I just had to see exactly what would happen. Idiocy aside, it’s not everyday you can have this vicarious experience!

Oh, and guess what? This guy put up the phone on eBay and sold it for $3000! Sometimes you really just wonder what the heck goes on in people’s minds, don’t you?

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