We all know how much danger superheroes put themselves in. Whether it’s shootouts or high-speed chases, it’s fair to say it’s one of the more ‘high risk’ professions.  That got the insurance experts over at Vantis Life wondering – how much is that danger affecting their life insurance policies?

They analysed example movies from five superheroes: Black Panther, Batman, Ironman and Wonder Woman.  By analysing the dangerous situations, they were able to give each an overall ‘risk score’ based on the physical danger they put themselves in throughout each movie. Using the average insurance costs of other, more normal, high-risk professions like deep sea fishermen and roofers – and some very bespoke calculations they worked out a monthly cost for our favourite caped crusaders. Find out how they stack up against the average insurance cost below.

What Would Superhero Life Insurance Cost?


superhero life insurance

Batman has the highest monthly premium cost of all the superheroes analysed – he’d have to fork out a whopping £965k ($1.23million) a month. Analysis of The Dark Knight found that he put himself in more danger than any of the other superheroes – getting a ‘risk score’ of 745. To put that into context – the average person’s risk score is 1.


superhero life insurance

Ironman isn’t far behind and has the joint highest ‘firearm score’ – which is no surprise considering what he gets up to in the first Ironman movie. Being a billionaire arms dealer behind enemy lines in Afghanistan is bound to get you caught up in a few firefights. Tony Stark would have to shell out £828k ($1.06million) a month with a risk score of 690 – probably a good job he’s a billionaire.


To get Peter Parker’s overall job risk rating – Vantis analysed the most recent Spider-Man: Homecoming movie. Unlike the majority of other superheroes on the list, Peter Parker and his Aunt May would struggle to afford the £585k ($749k) a month insurance costs. Maybe best to just take it easy Spidey and you might reduce that risk score of 580.

Black Panther

Black Panther is a head of state and a superhero, so the last thing he wants to be worrying about is loss of earnings from an injury at work. T’Challah, as he’s also known, has a risk score of 565 and would have to pay £555k ($710k) a month – but with all those Vibranium stockpiles, that’s pocket change.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman has the cheapest life insurance policy of our five, paying out a modest £368k ($471k) a month for her risk score of 460. While she certainly manages to get herself in just as many scrapes as many other superheroes – her power of invulnerability means she’s a safer bet.

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