What Geeks I Do On Vacation

Today is the start of my 5-day vacation at the beach. I have been planning on this for months and now that I am actually here, it seems a bit surreal. But you know what? I am having the time of my life. I just realized something though? I seem to be doing things a bit differently from the rest of the people here are doing. Here are some of my observations.

One, the first thing that I did when I was done checking in was to see the farthest that the WiFi signal would reach. Obviously, I figured it out pretty quickly as I am online now and posting, right?

Two, my Tweeter has been busy since I left early this morning for the airport. Sometimes I used my phone, sometimes I used my netbook. But from the airport to the ferry boat, I have been Tweeting the hours away.

Three, I actually found myself a nifty gadget, a USB modem that allows me to connect to the Internet wherever I may be, as long as there is a mobile phone signal. I got it because I know how WiFi availability is so unreliable outside the city and the prospect of having no Internet for a full work week was just too unpleasant.

Four, my camera has been used a lot – and it’s the just the first day! Now you may say that this is not unusual, right? I have to say, though, the main thought in my mind as I take pictures is how nice they would look in my blog….

Enough said. And I guess that’s what geeks do while on vacation. What do you do?

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