What won't be fixed in IE7

In a recent SXSW conference Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team’s lead programmer manager (wow, try to say that 5 times really quick) Chris Wilson gave a small list of things that won’t be fixed in the upcoming update to the popular (or unpopular, if you know what I mean,) browser:

However, some things simply wonâ??t be there. Generated content? â??Wonâ??t make itâ? Wilson tells us. Thereâ??s an overflow problem that probably wonâ??t be fixed, and object for images will most likely not be repaired in IE7.

Wilson remains optimistic and philosophical however, wrapping our conversation up by saying that â??I knew when we started IE7 was going to be a challenging release for us, we werenâ??t going to get as far as people wanted us to get.â?

The author of the article mentions that Microsoft is staying true to their goal of IE7 fixing most bugs that affect Web Developers. But, most of the “standards for standards’ sake” fixes will be left for IE8. This is great news everyone, in the year 2012 we’ll probably have a standards’ compliant Internet Explorer!

Sarcasm aside, I just hope that I won’t have to fix too many things for IE7’s sake. If I still need separate CSS files; one for IE and one for the rest of the browsers; then I don’t know what the point of this release is. And having a bugged overflow property is also a bit worrisome.

Sorry for the lack of originality on the title (it’s the same as the source’s).

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