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What’s In Your Garage: 4 Features Every Geek’s Car Should Have

Being able to leap tall building in a single bound or punch through walls are cool superpowers, but don’t we all envy superheroes because of the cool cars they drive? Just imagine opening your garage door to find the Batmobile – you’d be the envy of everyone on the road.

While many features found on comic book and movie cars can’t yet be replicated – think James Bond’s submarine car – we’re living at a time when cars have unprecedented abilities, particularly as the news reports on progress towards self-driving cars. Simply put, we’ve come a long way from the time – not that long ago – when automatic windows were a big deal.

If you’re ready to be your own superhero, here are X car features every geek needs in their car.

Hop On In

Many cars today have keyless entry, but if you can think back to when getting in the car meant fishing around in your pocket or bag for your keys, often while standing in the rain or cold, or while dodging cars on the driver’s side, you’ll realize how incredible this invention is. With keyless entry all you have to do is push a button – and you can do that from yards away. Pair this with an automatic garage door opener and you’ll be in and out of your home with ease.

Keyless entry means no more kids setting off your alarm because they’re impatiently waiting for you to come out, or trying to juggle that cake you promised to bring to the office while also opening the door. Most keyless entry devices also have a panic button, a godsend particularly for women who may be targeted when out at night.


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WiFi WiFi Everywhere

The struggle of every geek: you’re on a long drive and your battery keeps dying because you’re using the web with just your phone reception. Mobile hotspots solve this problem, providing you with in-car WiFi, no matter where you are. With in-car WiFi you can work from the passenger’s seat or stream your favorite music easily, making rides more enjoyable and far more battery friendly.

NASA-Quality Comfort

If you find long drives tiring – even though you’re sitting the entire time – you’re far from alone. In fact, the problem is so significant that the folks at NASA have brought their brainpower to bear on the problem, teaming with Nissan to create anti-fatigue seats. These seats relieve pressure on your joints and muscles and provide extra cushion for spine comfort. With these seats in your car, you’re not just a superhero – you’re part astronaut too!

A Little Fantasy

There are lots of great and geeky car options available, but there are definitely a few other features we might like that could be on the way soon. One strong contender is the augmented reality windshield display. Essentially a combination of your windshield with GoogleGlass-type technology, these displays could show speed limit information, caller ID for incoming calls or messages, route directions, and other data typically found on the console – below where your eyes should be when driving. This could dramatically decrease the rates of distracted driving and help keep your eyes on the road.

Car technology is a rapidly developing field, particularly benefiting from the Internet of Things, materials sciences, and sustainable technology. While most of us are unlikely to ever drive the Batmobile, we’re lucky to live at a time when a high-tech car is an achievable fantasy. After all, it wasn’t long ago that we were all listening to cassette tapes and manually rolling down the windows.

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