What's the Best Bond Car?

If there’s one thing Bond fans can’t agree on, it’s which of his cars is the most iconic. There’s literally 50 years’ worth of cars to choose from (that’s how long the secret agent has been taking down baddies on the big screen). Who can say for sure which car is the best? They’re all iconic, and they’re all on someone’s bucket list. In honor of the 24th James Bond movie Spectre (in theaters Nov. 6) here’s some stand-out contenders for best Bond car.

Bond Loves his BMWs

There’ve been some incredible BMWs featured in Bond films, including in 1983’s Octopussy starring Roger Moore which featured the BMW 518i. The BMW 5 series was sold exclusively in Europe, and features a distinctly British body (4 seat sedan).
The British Secret Service drove BMW Z3s in 1995’s Goldeneye. The stylish coupe has a distinctly sleek and memorable style with a “gun-barrel” shape. This unique car is said to have stolen the spotlight from Brosnan’s portrayal of Bond.

Bond’s BMWs tend to take a beating; that’s why it came as no surprise that he sent a remote-controlled BMW 750iL flying off a rooftop in 1997’s Tomorrow Never Dies. (Although not our favorite Bond, Brosnan certainly leveled some of our favorite Bond Beamers.)

The BMW 750iL is exactly how people expect BMWs to look; buttoned-up, classic, and armored. It’s considered BMW’s flagship sedan. It’s their most iconic car, and is the absolute darling of BMW enthusiasts. Despite this very certain fandom, the 750iL came in 2nd place on Forbes’ 2005 list of the “Most Unreliable Luxury Cars.” This due to the 750iL’s propensity for breaking down and requiring relatively a lot of maintenance and replacement parts.


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The secret to keeping a classic BMW road-worthy is basic preventative upkeep like regular oil changes and car washes, and proactive maintenance to the engine, suspension and other important parts. You’ll want to find the right balance of cost-savings and reliability when buying parts, and especially if you’re going to hire a professional mechanic. Bond trashed his Beamers, but real-life owners are encouraged to keep theirs in mint condition–for posterity and also because these iconic automobiles are sometimes known to increase in value as the years go on. If you’re already a fortunate owner of one of these beautiful vehicles, you can easily find BMW 750iL aftermarket parts to ensure your Beamer stays in great shape for years to come.

The Worlds Most Famous Car

The 1964 James Bond Aston Martin DB5 was driven by Sean Connery in two Bond classics Goldfinger and Thunderball. According to RM Auctions, it’s the most famous car in the country (perhaps the world even). This must be true because the supreme silver vehicle snatched a whopping $4.6 million at auction.

The car’s only other owner was radio broadcaster Jerry Lee, who purchased it for $12,000. He only sold the Aston Martin to raise funds for his crime-prevention charity. $4.6 million later, and one could assume the Jerry Lee Foundation was very happy with its donation.

The Aston Martin is a popular choice for Bond, what Astin Martin themselves refers to as “An Iconic Relationship.” Most recently, the Aston Martin DB5 was torn asunder in a graphic explosion in 2012’s Skyfall. Don’t worry; no actual DB5s were hurt in the production. It was all movie magic!

From the Silver Screen to Real Life

Do you dream of operating your own Bond car? According to the International Business Times, remote-controlled cars are the future. Non-Americans can already remotely park their BMW 7 Series.

The high-tech of these cars are amazing; they utilize gesture technology, as well as feature a key fob capable of remote parking the car. It seems BMW has finally caught up with their MI offerings.

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