What's Your Geek Zodiac?

It’s the Year of the Rabbit, and if this is your sign, you are ambitious, articulate, and talented. You also are virtuous and have excellent taste. On the other hand, you are fond of gossip. If you don’t buy all that zodiac stuff, then forget the first three sentences of this post. However, since you read ForeverGeek, you might be interested in a whole new zodiac – the Geek Zodiac.

This painstaking masterpiece was created by James Wright (who came up with the concept) and Josh Eckert (who made the design). ((Source: Geek Tyrant)) From robots to samurais to time travelers to pirates – the guys have them covered.

In case you have a hard time reading the fine print, let me sum this up for you.

Geek Zodiac Signs

  1. Astronaut – bold but controlling
  2. Spy – patriotic but remorseless
  3. Time Traveler – punctual but distracted
  4. Daikaiju – big-hearted but misunderstood
  5. Pirate – charismatic but untrustworthy
  6. Undead – soulful but tormented
  7. Superhero – moral but condescending
  8. Alien – intelligent but suspicious
  9. Wizard – wise but aloof
  10. Robot – law-abiding but cold
  11. Treasure Hunter – cultured but greedy
  12. Ninja/Samurai – loyal but violent

The creators have a disclaimer: they are not saying that ninjas and samurais are the same. The rational is that they tend to appear around the same time and in the same stories – you can see this explanation at the bottom of the image. I guess that they wanted to use both but were limited by the number of signs.

At the risk of revealing my age, I shall admit that according to this chart, I am punctual but distracted. There is some truth to that, I suppose. What’s your sign?

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