Earlier this month, fantasy fans lined up for the release of Towers of Midnight, which is the 13th book in the Wheel of Time Series. Definitely one of the best fantasy series of all of time, the Wheel of Time (or WoT as we lovingly call it) is the masterpiece of Robert Jordan. This awesome writer passed away without having finished the books, but fans were saved from massive disappointment – despair even – by the able hands/mind of Brandon Sanderson.

Around the time that Towers of Midnight was released, though, Brandon Sanderson posted some photos of WoT action figures on his Facebook wall – yeah, I am so into these books; and as expected, the crazy WoT person in me couldn’t help but drool. Non-WoT fans may not be able to relate to the characters, but these figures are still worth looking at if you like toys in general.

This action figure of Thom (Thomdril Merrilin) is not exactly how I imagined the character in my head, but it does look pretty good.  I like how his coat is closer to “reality’ (my own version, at least).
Now I can only assume this, but I think the creatures at the bottom are trollocs.  The red hair guy is Perrin Wolfeyes – I wish the photo were clear enough to see if the eyes are true to the story!  The flashy looking guy at the right is Matt, who has all the luck in the world.

I really like how they put a lot of detail into the making of the women. I am pretty sure that the girl on the left is Nynaeve (my favorite character!) but I can’t say for sure who the other one is.  Care to guess?  And, of course, there is no doubt as to who the crimson-clad guy is: the Dragon Reborn himself, Rand al Thor.

Now if I could only find out how to get my hands on these!

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