When Game of Thrones and The Muppets Collide

The first season of The Game of Thrones has just ended, with fans raving about the finale. As can be expected, viewers already have their personal favorites – characters they love and characters they hate. All sorts of infographics, guides, flow charts, and what have you about the Game of Thrones can be found online, but this set of mashups takes the cake. Characters from the HBO version of Game of Thrones have been “muppetized”. Now that is hard to beat, isn’t it?

Queen Cersei the Muppet

There are times when I just loathe Cersei, but there are rare moments (at least when reading the book, that I somehow understand why she thinks/behaves in certain ways). Although I would place her character in the hate bucket, I cannot hate her when she’s Miss Piggy!

Jaime Lannister the Muppet

I still think the TV series Jaime should have more of a knight in shining armor look to him. It seems to me the muppet version has more oomph. What do you think?

Joffrey the Muppet

Joffrey is easily placed in the hate bucket. The casting is excellent, and the muppet version really does fit this rat of a kid.

Tyrion the Imp the Muppet

As despicable as he can be at times, Tyrion Lannister is more lovable than any of his siblings. Definitely more than his ass of a father. His wit and (sometimes) good hearted nature is perfectly embodied in this mashup.

King Robert Baratheon the Muppet

Robert is an buffoon, an incompetent leader, but that doesn’t make me hate him for some reason. If anything, I pity his foolishness. This drawing does capture the essence of a whoring drunkard king to a T, though. Well maybe not the whoring part. That word just doesn’t go with muppets.

Drogo the Muppet

I am not sure why the artist chose to portray Drogo this way. Then again, I suppose the HBO version is slightly different from what I imagined him to be.

Daenerys the Muppet

Daenerys is one of the most loved characters in the series (at least in my circle), and I just love that little dragon peeking from behind her. Now if only she had more to smile about in the story. Not that anyone has much to smile about.

Ned Stark the Muppet

I have always said that
Lord Eddard Stark is my favorite Game of Thrones character. Never mind that he was too honorable for his own good – to the point of being stupid in the eyes of practically everyone. I think it was brilliant to portray him as Kermit the Stark. I can’t see the connection, but it’s still a hilarious image.

Petyr and Varys Muppets

Littlefinger and the Spider are perhaps the most distasteful characters for me. I had to include this to complete the mashup set, though.

So, what do you think of this awesome work by Yehudi Mercado? Would you have chosen the same character pairs? If not, which ones would you have used?

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