Justice League enthusiasts may have their own criticisms about the artwork (may being the operative word), but they will probably fight tooth and nail to defend their favorites. One can’t deny, though, that there are so many talented people out there who can do justice to the artwork, maybe even take things one step further.

I could be wrong, but I think deviantArtist Daniel Araya is one of them. I noticed his work, thanks to NerdApproved ((NerdApproved)), and I totally get the writer’s point that Araya’s work has some Pixar flair in it, hence “When Justice League Meets Pixar”.

Take a look for yourself. Isn’t this a sleek version of Batman?

Justice League Pixarized

As for Green Lantern, this reminds me of someone else, but I think it’s a much better image than the “human” I saw in the recent movie. No offense meant.

Justice League Pixarized
Green Lantern

Now tell me who this Superman reminds you of? ((The Incredibles FTW!))

Justice League Pixarized

I laud Araya for not missing out on Wonder Woman. And boy, does he make her look even tougher. Look at those muscles on her! I think I prefer her to be a little more on the curvier side, but this piece still looks cool.

Justice League Pixarized
Wonder Woman

And for the last piece, here is the Justice League Meets Pixar team in action.

Justice League Pixarized
Superheroes in Action

Definitely something worth taking a look at and sharing. For more of Daniel Araya’s work, check out his deviantArt profile.

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