When Not To Revamp

With DC only soliciting one comic for release on August 31st, speculation abounds as what the company is planning.

The scariest proposition that is being bandied around is that DC plans another One Year Later type event, dropping readers into new stories after some alleged gap of time, like they did after Infinite Crisis.

I shudder at the thought. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the ’52’ series, it hardly covered the activity of a worlds-worth of characters, and favourite titles such as the Titans appeared to descend into nonsense. Earlier plotlines were left hanging; characters appeared and disappeared with no thought of reader loyalty to those characters at all.

After all, why do we read comics in the first place? You may have a particular loyalty to this writer or that artist; but it is the characters themselves that attract us. Even in titles such as the Avengers or the Legion Of Super-Heroes, if these were restarted from scratch with none of the familiar faces and no reference to what had gone before, would this be half as appealing as the current titles are?

There’s a time and a place for a universal revamp. After the phenomenal Crisis On Infinite Earths (and the error-ridden subsequent material), DC had the decency to at least wait ten years before revamping again with Zero Hour, and another ten years for Infinite Crisis. Even though Final Crisis was technically a reboot of the universe, very little was made of this. (Remember the Miracle Machine recreating everything after the collapse of space-time?)

Now a revamp for characters not seen for a long while, that is often necessary. (Sometimes regrettable, but necessary.) Case in point – the Mighty Crusaders, the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, or the compelling relaunch of the Atlas characters by Arrden. Out of today’s shipment, we can number Magnus Robot Fighter or the Mighty Samson, the latter of which is my recommendation for today.

Yet ‘updating for the modern age’ is not always a requirement. Why else is there such an interest in the Golden Age heroes? Or a market for DC’s upcoming Retrospective specials?

In conclusion, I hope DC is going to launch a new story in September, NOT a new universe. We have barely settled into the last one. After a shaky start, it’s not so bad, so if it ain’t broke…….

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