When Rubik's Cube Waxes Poetic

What comes to mind when someone says “Rubik’s Cube”? People of my generation will almost always think of that classic image of the a cube with six faces and just as many colors – white, red, blue, orange, green, and yellow. Embarrassing as it is, I cannot claim that I have solved the puzzle more than five times (MAX); and even then, each time took me an excruciatingly long time. Today, I just take a look at the variations of the cube and enjoy them for aesthetic purposes.

Artist and typophile Shaun Chung has added a new twist to the already long line of Rubik’s Cubes variants, and in my opinion, his rendition just might be the most interesting of all. For his undergraduate thesis (he majored in Fine Arts, with a focus on printmaking), he decided to incorporate his passion for Chinese typography into the creation of a one-of-a-kind Rubik’s Cube. The result? An exquisite wooden cube that “spells out” a traditional Chinese poem used to instill good values in children.

This is the result of Shaun’s creativity and – most likely – hours and hours of hard work.

If you’re really into the details, here are all the sides of the cube – not that you will understand what they say (unless you can read Chinese).

Shaun seems to be the type to go for function as well as looks, and he made sure that the cube can be used for another purpose. It actually functions as a stamp, which can be used to print out the poem I was talking about earlier.

Here’s the poster for this Rubik’s Cube. Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

You have to admit that Shaun really outdid a lot of other Rubik’s Cube makers out there, didn’t he? Poetry, beautiful characters, and Rubik’s Cube – it can’t get much better than that! And, in case you are wondering what the Chinese poem is, check out Shaun’s description of the work that went into the cube.

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