When the Art Masters Meet The Simpsons

What if art masters like Van Gogh decided to use subjects other than the “normal” people that they used? What if they had known the Simpsons?

I am not much of a Simpsons fan, but that cartoon has an undeniable attraction for people of all ages. Admittedly, after seeing the movie when it came out, I found myself singing Spider Pig in my head for a while. So anyway, I just discovered the identity of an artist whom I have been looking for for a while. It all started with this image, which I found somewhere on the Internet months ago.

Isn’t that just brilliant? I remember posting it on my Facebook wall. I also remember having a discussion with a friend about how brilliant the painting is, but that there was just something freakishly wrong about it. I was on the hunt as to who was behind the painting but totally forgot about it. Until now.

Enter David Barton. ((David Barton’s web site)) Armed with a crayon, Photoshop (an old version, mind you), and Corel Painter (according to him, a less old version), he takes the work of the masters to a whole new dimension. Scroll up a little bit and take a look at Darth Vader again. Whole new dimension or not?

Now that I have discovered the identity of David Barton – though I didn’t know it was him I was looking for – I have also taken the time to look at his other work. They are no less brilliant, but definitely not as disturbing as Darth Vader. (Still can’t figure out why!)

So here some of your most recognizable characters from The Simpsons in a different setting.

Grounds Keeper Willie Van Gogh. Now compare that with Van Gogh’s self portrait. ((Photo via ibiblio))

Spot the difference?

Everyone’s favorite convenience store owner, Apu. Time to spot the difference.

Do I have to tell you that this is Dali’s self portrait? ((Photo via thecrunchymamacita.blogspot.com))

Now here is the lovable couple, Homer and Marge.

And the original paintings: The Girl with a Pearl Earring ((Source: Art Reproductions)) and Rembrandt’s Self Portrait. ((Source: The Art Wolf))

Going back to the Darth Vader image. This is the original – Monet’s Woman with a Parasol. ((Source: NonPrints))

Tell me there isn’t something freakishly wrong about it!? I still can’t seem to put my finger on it!

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