Where is the Wing Suit: Some Fears We Have About Far Cry: Primal

Do not get me wrong. Let me go on record to say, right away, that I think the last two Far Cry games have mastered their formulas, and as a result, are some of the tightest gaming experiences of the 7th generation. It is an open world where you essentially get to become the 80’s movie action star you always wanted, except minus the shitty puns. And now Far Cry: Primal has been announced, and honestly, I am a little scared. Fighting woolly mammoths looks AWFULLY  cool, but let’s think about it for a second. Outside of those, what will we be fighting? We see some humans at the end of the trailer, but the one thing it doesn’t seem to look or feel like is a Far Cry game. Some people may see that as a good thing. I, for one, can foresee some problems with this.

The Fun of the Open World is the Mayhem

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A big element that makes the Far Cry series work so well is the way the world feels like it is living and breathing around you. From the convoys of enemies you can constantly destroy to the outposts that need reclaiming, it is a world that feels alive and filled with chaos to cause. That very chaos is part of the fun of the Far Cry world. But with the looks of it, how can we have outposts to overtake in the newest game? The joy was silencing alarms (which will clearly no longer be an issue) and going through a camp undetected while you take out all the people (or just running in guns blazing like Rambo) was amazing. But how can that work in Primal?

My problem is, I don’t see how that can work in a world that takes place right after the ice age. There wont be outposts. There wont be convoys to blow up. Doesn’t anyone understand those very elements are what make Far Cry work so well?

No Wing Suit = Fail

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The wing suit is SO MUCH FUN, other games are now sneaking them in themselves (looking at you, Just Cause 3). It is actually one of the most fun aspects of the last two Far Cry games. Once you get GOOD at the wing suit, the stunts you can pull off and cool shit you can do is endless. Hell, even getting chased by wildlife you could just leap off a cliff and glide to safety. That was what made their open world sandbox so much fun. You could improv as you went.

But there is no way any kind of wing suit will be in this game. I can respect they wanted to make something different (by the way, a sequel to Blood Dragon would’ve been WAY cooler, guys), but my fears and apprehension come from the fact that the time period they put themselves in greatly limits elements that made the past two Far Cry games so effing good. If the mammoths end up being like the dragons on Skyrim, they will get boring, really quickly.

And what else did that teaser show us? Nothing. It showed us nothing else.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XwYYVScY9E&w=640&h=360]

The other aspect that makes Far Cry so good is finding your “sweet spot” gun you love so much and just pimping it out and getting better and better at it. By the end of Far Cry 3, I was silently sniping whole outposts with flaming arrows, genuinely feeling like a badass. But what can ancient weapons do to recreate that feeling? Best we will have is some blades, a bow and arrow, and those spears we saw in the trailer. That does not feel very sandbox or Far Cry to me. That feels very linear and limited. It is like the creators of Far Cry started playing ARK and were like, YES, THIS!

But sorry, that is not Far Cry.

Yes, Woolly Mammoths and saber-tooth tigers are cool, but I am just not sold on it being the Far Cry we all know and love. Keep in mind, this game drops in February, and if I am wrong, I will be the first person to admit I was wrong. This is Ubisoft and they have mastered the last three games in the series (3, 4, and Blood Dragon), so for me to assume anything else might be selling them short.

But as for now, I am not sold. Looks like it should have been stellar DLC for part 4. Someone had to say it.

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