When Pigs Drink Whiskey, You Get Whiskey-Flavored Bacon

D’oh. That was pretty obvious, wasn’t it? Although in this case, the pork hasn’t been made into bacon yet. But it’s just a matter of time.

Also, who would think of giving pigs whiskey to drink? If you told me that yesterday, I’d say what a waste of whiskey!


However, it has been proven that if pigs drink whiskey, you do get whiskey-flavored pork.

I’m already slathering like a dog that has gone feral.

The idea is simple in theory – just like black Iberian pigs eating acorn, leading to a distinct flavor. For whiskey-flavored bacon, however, the secret sauce is the mash, which is the pigs’ main diet. The secret recipe was concocted by Mark Bertram, who holds a doctorate in the extremely specific field of swine nutrition from Iowa State University. How impressive is that?

The main person behind whiskey-flavored bacon, however, is Scott Bush, founder of Templeton Rye.

The theory has been implemented, and chefs have used the pork, albeit not in bacon form – yet.

The verdict?

It seems that everyone loved it!

The pigs are available for pre-order, but they’re already taken – with restaurants clamoring them. Oh, well. They’re bound to do it again, and perhaps a restaurant near you will actually make whiskey-flavored bacon.

Read more about the whole idea, technicalities, etc. here.

Did someone say bacon?

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