Almost after thirteen long years, the 2009 film Avatar got its sequel, which was released globally on December,16,2022.

Avatar: The Way of Water sees Kiri mentioning the name of Eywa several times. Fans who have seen Avatar 1 may be familiar with the name, but if you are new to the universe of Avatar, we’ll help you find out who Eywa is and why Kiri admires her so much.

The latest addition to the Avatar franchise showed Jake’s struggle to protect his family from Colonel Quaritch, who wants to hunt them down. Even though Jake survived the fight with the evil Colonel, he lost his elder son Neteyam.

Avatar: The Way Of Water | Official Trailer

Avatar: The Way Of Water | Official Trailer

Who is Eywa in Avatar?

Eywa is a deity who is worshiped by Navis, as they believe themselves to be Eywa’s children. They also believe that Eywa creates everything in Pandora, and she’s the one who keeps everything there in balance.

The scientists who were involved in the Avatar project theorized that every creature on Pandora connects to Eywa through neuro-conductive antennae. Na’vi clan also refers to Eywa as the holy mother, and when any clan member dies, they believe that Eywa takes them with her.

No human learned how and when the deity came into existence. Still, they believe that as humans follow various religions, Na’vi created Eywa, whom they hold responsible for everything happening to them, be it good or bad.

Kiri and Eywa’s connection explored

Kiri is Jake and Neytiri’s adopted daughter, who’s often seen crying, taking Holy mother’s name. Kiri is actually the Avatar of Dr. Grace, who died at the end of the first season from a gunshot wound. As Grace was always fascinated by Pandorians, their environments, and Eywa, Kiri is also attached to everything in Pandora because of Grace’s DNA in her body.

That could be one of the reasons why Kiri feels attached to Eywa in a way that no one can understand. Moreover, Kiri often said that she could feel Eywa’s presence around her and hear her heartbeat.

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