Who Needs A Button When You Can Have A Saucer?

Vote Grey! Welcome Our Alien Overlords!

I rarely review Vertigo Comics in this column, mainly because I tend to be distracted by the bright colours of the more spandex oriented titles. Yet on an urge, I picked up a copy of Saucer Country, (the second issue of which ships today), looking for the X-Files vibe.

I did not exactly get what I was looking for, but I am most pleased with what I did find.

Now, if you think back to the adverse reaction to DCU Decisions last election season, you would think that really comics and politics do not really mix. After all, it’s well known that we are all a bunch of left-wing liberal sissies even when we are not.

Yet in this title, writer Paul Cornell offers us a woman, a Governor in fact (with no similarity to the real world at all) about to embark upon her candidacy for the office of President of the United States. I think I fell in love with the following quote from the sixth page: –

America is ready for a female, divorced Hispanic President, if it’s YOU.

This sort of justifies the flesh-crawling (but thoroughly entertaining none the less) series such as President Evil or Barack The Barbarian that we endured (willingly) just a couple of years ago.

Now, any regular fan of the West Wing knows what else is entailed in the whole candidacy process. But the series commenced with Governor Alvarado and her ex-husband waking up in a car in the middle of nowhere having experienced what could at the very least be called missing time, and it’s downhill (for them) from that point on.

The characters surrounding the Governor were well fleshed out enough so that I really want to see their reactions (later today) to her announcement, immediately after her inspired speech, of the fact that we are being invaded.

By aliens.

With just a few moments of missing time, a couple of drops of blood and some bad dreams to back her up.

I can’t wait to see what the Sunday round-table shows will make of that one!

Meanwhile the art provided courtesy of Ryan Kelly is crisp, atmospheric and perfect to capture the chaos that is electioneering. Or alien abduction for that matter.

I’m beginning to wonder if there is a difference.

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