Who Wants a Bone Guillotine?

Why would anyone want a guillotine, much less a guillotine made of bone? Then again, why wouldn’t anyone want one? The guillotine is known to be one of the worst methods of execution, and while I don’t think anyone uses it today (you never know, though), it does have a lot of historical value.

If you are into history and execution-related stuff (not to mention bones), then this bone guillotine model will certainly catch your attention. While I am not particularly into gory things, this bone guillotine model did make me look twice. Even three times.

Bone Guillotine Model

You have to admire the work that went into the bone guillotine model. Even a cursory look reveals the details that have been put into it. And no, the bones are not from humans, but animals. The bone guillotine model was found in Dorset. An expert has determined it to have been made by a prisoner of war – presumably French, naturally – between 1805 and 1815. Yes, this thing is ancient, and it is a wonder just how it still is in one piece!

This bone guillotine model is a rare find, as explained by expert Amy Brenan:

Napoleonic prisoner of war models made from bone and ivory are hard to come by. Many designs such as the model battle ships, spinning jennies and guillotines are so intricate that they disintegrate overtime and this makes any surviving examples extremely rare. The sheer skill in creating a working model of the guillotine coupled with its social significance at the time, has made the guillotine models particularly desirable.

No one who has seen even just the photo can argue with that! And, naturally, this collectible is selling for a crazy price of £4000 – £8000 (about $6300 – $12,600). Still want it?

Via The History Blog

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