Who Wants an Electronic Tattoo?

Electronic Tattoo

We all know just how
tattoos can be cool, and we love them! Even though some of us are taking forever to decide when to actually take the plunge and get inked ourselves, ((Yeah it’s me projecting.)) there is no stopping us from appreciating all those wonderful works of art inked on other people’s bodies.

Now what if you can have a tattoo that has the potential to be far cooler than what you can see today – both the real ones and the temporary ones? I am talking about an electronic tattoo, or epidermal electronics as they call it. ((Source))

This new technology is based on ultrathin electronics, which can then be placed on a person’s skin. Think of it as being similar to the temporary sticker tattoos that even children can use. The big difference is, obviously, an electronic tattoo is technology advanced and has other purposes.

The new breed of tattoos is the handiwork of John Rogers of Urbana-Champaign (in collaboration with other institutions in the United States, Singapore, and China). As you can see in a video showcasing how an electronic tattoo can be applied ((Video)), you simply need to place the material on your skin, rub it in with some water, and you have a temporary tattoo of a different kind!

Being a new technology, the use and development of electronic tattoos are still being studied. However, the researchers have high hopes for these wearable circuits in the medical field. For example, they can be used to monitor heart and brain activity. In the future, you might even find yourself using an electronic tattoo as a portable computer of sorts. Suddenly, the prospect of wearing a mobile phone is more real!

Personally, I like the idea of wearing an electronic tattoo (or two) better than having a microchip inserted beneath the skin. While the latter may be more robust, I simply don’t like the idea of being cut up. With an electronic tattoo, you get the electronics without the cut. Now I wonder if they can develop the technology so much so that you can have a design of your own choosing as well?

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