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Such days bring very much into focus issues such as Life and Death, and the meanings of both.

Sort of justifies all of that Infinity Gauntlet nonsense, doesn't it?

Comics are shipping a day later this week due to Memorial Day. Without trivialising the struggles and sacrifices made by those who serve across the planet, such days bring very much into focus issues such as Life and Death, and the meanings of both.
After the prequel of Ignition last week, The Thanos Imperative launches this week, and somehow it rather looks like we shall be cheering on the Champion Of Death, Thanos himself. Hardly in a good mood, he has once again been robbed of that which he loves in order to fight for that which he loves, which will make him dangerous to ally and enemy alike. Currently in little more than a vegetative state, we all know it won’t be long before his intellect reasserts itself and he plays all angles to his advantage.

Sort of justifies all of that Infinity Gauntlet nonsense, doesn’t it?

Despite being based on the basic role-reversal story of many alternate reality epics (Mirror Mirror anyone?), I am loving this.  Mar-Vell of the Cancerverse as the great enemy, counterpart to Quasar as Protector of the Universe, to Adam Magus as the Avatar of Life, and of course to his late native self.  I wonder if the Skrull Mar-Vell will appear in here anywhere, just to complete the hat-trick?

I don’t know if anyone else felt this way, but did Mar-Vell actually kill Adam Magus?  That was quick, and rather disappointing to be honest. Mar-Vell’s comments rather gave the impression that this incarnation of the Magus was dispatched, which obviously opens the door for Warlock’s return.  Hopefully after all this storyline is over however, I want to see how the universe fares without Adam pulling the strings.

One other character I want to watch is that of Medusa, who has suddenly been promoted. I have loved our lovely-locked Inhuman queen ever since she was a member of the Fantastic Four, but talk about a stratospheric rise! I remember the days when the worst she had to worry about was a rogue Doombot, or edicts from the Genetics Council, and now she is steering two (count them, two) stellar empires and rubbing shoulders (eventually) with Thanos himself.  Not even Reed, for all of his adventures and scientific brilliance has had that opportunity.

Still, I’m waiting for the nervous breakdown, which Medusa desperately needs.  Though haughty, she has never been the uber-bitch that she has become, and I’m wondering if the new personality is nothing more than a coping strategy. It certainly doesn’t suit her, and all semblance of nobility seems to have vanished.  Even when she was manipulating her younger sister Crystal to the royal agenda, she still had a touch of, dare I say it, humanity?  At least empathy. That was when she also had her husband to lean against, to share those innermost feelings.  Now she has no-one. Who would you suggest? Karnak? The man who sees everyone’s failings? Or maybe Gorgon, whom she dare not tell half of what she has done, in fear of his temper.  Or maybe Maximus? Nuff said there!

This story promises to be a lot bigger than just six issues can contain. Disavowing the advance listings, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the Thanos Imperative is but Act One of a saga. It’s time the cosmic touched Earth again.

Plus wouldn’t Medusa have a laugh at the United Nations nowadays?!?!

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