There’s never been a better time to be a PC gamer. With the abundant choice of hardware, the various online gaming platforms, and high-speed Internet, we’re truly living in the golden age of gaming. And with the availability of all these modern games, it’s tempting to upgrade your current gaming rig, or build a brand new one from scratch. But building a PC at home isn’t your only choice. You can buy a pre-built rig off the shelf. No screwdrivers or thermal paste required.

If you’re not tech-minded or are weighing up your options between pre-built and building your own, look at why we say buying a pre-built mid-range gaming PC is the best choice!

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Tried and Tested, Guaranteed

The first benefit of buying a pre-built PC is peace of mind. Knowing that when your machine arrives on your doorstep, it takes nothing more than plugging it in to get you gaming. This is vastly different to building one from the ground up. And it removes the pressure of having to dig through online forums to find out why your new machine is failing to POST or switch on at all.

Pre-built rigs are usually tested before shipping, meaning that it’s really just a case of plug-and-play from the moment it arrives. Seasoned builders have plenty of horror stories to tell of how they bought the wrong CPU for the wrong socket, had to send one of them back and then wait weeks for a replacement. Losing precious gaming time in the process.

Buying pre-built means you can avoid these issues entirely. There’s no spending hours making sure everything works together; no learning about which CPUs fit which sockets and which type of RAM goes where. It’s all taken care of for you, and you receive a rig that’s ready to go from the moment it’s plugged in. It also removes the necessity of having to download and buy software, as that’s usually part of the bundle.

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A Budget-Friendly Option

Most gamers are well-aware of the high cost of certain hardware on the market right now, specifically when it comes to GPUs. The current pandemic, paired with massive cryptocurrency mining farms, has forced many gamers to either pay exorbitant prices for a new graphics card, or hold on to their current one until the prices stabilize.

When it comes to pre-built, it can often turn out significantly cheaper overall. Especially if you’re buying from a larger franchise that will pay factory price for their hardware. Keeping an eye out for specials is highly recommended, as there’s a good chance you may just find a bundle that comfortably suits your budget.

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Personal Tech Support

There’s nothing worse than switching on your computer one morning only to find that it’s not booting up, or that the display isn’t working as it’s meant to. If you have your own, custom-built machine, you’ll have no choice but to turn to Internet forums to try and resolve your issues. When purchasing a machine that comes pre-built, most companies will offer tech support as part of the package. Although this can depend on the company in question.

This can be a boon to the gamer that doesn’t have the time or the technical knowledge to tinker with the computer’s software or hardware. If there’s an issue, call support.

It’s worth checking out what’s provided by the company as part of the package; and if it’s not to your liking, you can simply keep searching until you find one that is.

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The Endless Warranty Woes

There are countless stories of gamers waiting weeks for all their components to arrive, only to find that one of them is dead-on-arrival. This forces them to deal with the OEM first-hand, and means jumping through various warranty hoops before the item is sent in—and hopefully, a new one shipped back. Before you know it a month has gone by and your gaming rig is gathering dust.

When buying a pre-built gaming PC, it’s often the case that the entire rig is sent out under warranty. If something does go wrong after the rig has arrived, you can simply contact their customer support and they’ll handle the rest. It takes a lot of the pressure off knowing that there’s a support system in place to take care of any issues that may arise, and they can often get OEM warranty support

Enjoy The Pros of Pre-Built

Whether you don’t have the time or aren’t technically inclined, buying a machine that’s built by a professional gives you the chance to dive right in. You can start gaming with no delays. Plug-n-play on the perfect gaming setup beats tinkering, testing, and troubleshooting, right?

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