Why Gaming Is Better with a VPN

Having a virtual private network for gaming purposes has become a necessity rather than a luxury. With government-sanctioned spies hacking institutions and corporations, no one is spared. Gamers have their own issues, too, that a VPN can settle.

In the realm of gaming, VPNs mask your IP address and hide the data you send out and receive. But just like any other commodity, there are good quality VPNs and poor ones. You’ll need to do some research before choosing which one to use. Sites like Blokt help you make a comparison. Whatever you select, here are other reasons why gaming is better with a VPN.

Reduced ping time and lag

In these days of high internet speed connection, ping time is affected more by two factors: 1) the physical distance between the host and the sender, and 2) network traffic. Lag, on the other hand, comes from a slow internet connection, usually in shared wi-fi systems. Both are especially critical in online gaming, where slow real-time response can cause instant death, game freeze or other in-game issues.

With a VPN, you cut the distance between source and destination, greatly reducing ping time, and you bypass your ISP, and its other users who are streaming on Netflix, running cloud backups, or downloading files.

Protection from a DDoS attack

Game servers have always been targets of DoS attacks. Whether the attacker’s goal is to make a name for himself through notoriety, or he’s just a sadistic hacker, gamers put a lot of emotional investment in their games, and being denied access to them can cause a collective heartbreak. Even big players like Minecraft and League of Legends are not immune to DDoS.

A VPN is a vital cybersecurity tool for gamers like you. With a DDoS protected virtual private network, you can play your games uninterrupted with a stable connection.


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Get past geo-blocking

Some countries, notably China, have banned several digital games for various reasons: national security, corruption of young minds, portrayal of their government in a bad light, etc. Or, game development companies may block some of their products from being played in other countries due to distributing and licensing limits.

With a VPN, you can choose the location of the server to connect to, enabling you to play in Asia or Europe even if your US-based game isn’t accessible in other regions.

Download, buy and play games in restricted places

Just recently, an EU agency complained of some games development companies preventing the sale of their games to some EU-member regions. You don’t have to be caught in the battle between governments and corporations. Having a VPN gets you through the political and trade barrier, allowing you to have those games through an alternative market practice.

Join multiplayer games in any region

Some multiplayer games are region-locked, and you want to join teams in other places because the player base in your area is small. But region-locking restricts you from doing that. A VPN comes in handy in cases like this. Simply use a VPN with a server in the region of your choice and you’re in.

Protect your personal data

We have all become acutely aware of the need for protecting our online privacy, and this is just as true for gamers. Take a worst-case scenario of a deranged loser targeting you and tracking you down in your real life. A VPN helps you sleep soundly at night, knowing your enemy thinks you’re in India instead of your real address.


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