Why Peter Capaldi Is a Brilliant Doctor

WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

When the identity of the 12th Doctor was revealed last year, there were mixed reactions from fans. The divide between “real” Doctor Who fans and “bandwagoneers” was highlighted, with some of the former turning their noses down on those who complained about Peter Capaldi being too old, among other things.

On the one hand, some fans were truly excited about the new Doctor.

On the other hand, some fans didn’t hold back in stating their disappointment.

‘Very very disappointed! The Doctor meant to be someone young, both matt and David were very cute and funny doctors, and now they give us an old guy, no offence to the new guy he may be an amazing actor but he just doesn’t fit the part,’ Fara23.

So Season 8 is over. The 12th Doctor has shown what he’s made of.

The verdict?

The general consensus leans towards brilliance. Cultbox recently asked their readers on Twitter what they thought, and the majority were more than happy about the latest season, with the occasional disappointment, but more on the plot holes and writing.

And I have to agree.

That being said, as we await this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special (with the special participation of none other than Santa himself), why don’t we take a look at why I think Peter Capaldi was (is) a brilliant Doctor.

(Trailer for the Christmas Special below.)


Undoubtedly, many other Whovians were hooked the moment they saw the eyebrows. Add the blazing eyes underneath those bushy, strikingly curved brows, and you just know that you will be in for one heck of a Doctor Who ride.

He’s part of the fandom

While there may be valid points about there being other actors who are better than Peter Capaldi, there is something to be said about an actor who is emotionally vested in a show and/or character. The not-so-secret fact that Peter Capaldi was a huge, genuine fan of Doctor Who – and even created Doctor Who fan art – gives him a deep pool of emotional and acting tools to work with. Additionally, with his own personal perceptions of the show as a fan, he adds his own flavor to his character. A kind of flavor that cannot be duplicated by other doctors, though that is not to say that the previous doctors didn’t throw in more than their fair share of personal feel into their characters. Definitely not.

The Doctor’s internal struggle

All the doctors have had their internal struggles. We know that’s part of who they are. For me, though, Season 8’s first couple of episodes best highlighted the struggle and confusion of the Doctor. A culmination of all that has happened to him in the past. How can one not feel a tug (or a yank) inside when the Doctor asks if he is a good man? Tell me you didn’t feel anything, you cold person, you!

The Doctor’s jadedness

Of course, while the internal struggle theme doesn’t totally disappear (Danny Pink arc), the Peter Capaldi did not seem to have a terrible time of injecting his personality into the character. In Deep Breath, we already see snippets of this, particularly when he realized his roots and goes full on Scottish.

Then there’s the Robot of Sherwood, where the Doctor and Clara meet the legendary outlaw in green and his band of merry men. You would think that the Doctor (as his previous regenerations, at least) would have loved to banter with Robin Hood, but this Doctor just wouldn’t have that kind of nonsense. His gruff, no-nonsense manner was a breath of fresh air. Jadedness is the word I can think of, and in an amusing way, mind you.

The Doctor’s sensitive side

As can only be expected of the Doctor, there is a soft side to him that surfaces at one point or another. In Peter Capaldi’s case, this soft, caring side comes out without any doubt when he encounters the young Rupert Pink who was terrified like nothing else. Who else can turn “fear” into a superpower and give a frightened boy courage to face his demons? And, knowing how gruff the 12th Doctor can be, this scene gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Unless you’ve got no heart.

The Doctor’s way with Clara

From the get go, we were wondering how the relationship between The Doctor and his current companion would go. Early in the season, I read in one forum how the fans were glad that the love story aspect was absent, and yes, I concur.

The banter and bickering between the two, however, is a whole new story. One just has to love the dry sarcasm of this doctor. Unless you’re the type who gets butthurt at the slightest perceived insult. Here’s an amusing collection of the camaraderie between the two.

The Doctor’s temper

The Doctor in general is known to have lost his temper once or twice (or maybe more). This temper leads to cockiness and powerful raves in the face of an alien host, shouting, “I am The Doctor!”

With Peter Capaldi’s doctor, though, it seems to me his temper has gone up a notch. Smashing the poor TARDIS’s console?

Some of you may disagree with me. Some of you may agree. Tell me what you think!

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