Child’s Play is one of the most iconic slasher film franchises of this generation. One look at that scar-faced, red-haired doll with a knife in one hand, and people already know who it is. For those who don’t know our little villain, Chucky is a notorious killer who escapes death by transferring his soul into a “Good Guys” doll. The franchise’s success comes from its 8 films, tie-in merch, and a video game. Now, fans can get even more of it from the  Chucky TV series this week on Syfy and USA Network. So if you’re still a little iffy about checking it out, here are some of the top reasons why we’re looking forward to it!

A New Twitter Emoji Dedicated To It


Yes, you read that right! Twitter users can now have fun using the Chucky emoji on the social media platform. Sadly, it can’t be used anywhere else. But check out a tweet by the series’ official Twitter account at the New York Comic-Con. It seems our favorite killer doll is already on the loose. Follow its official account here!

Don Mancini Is Back

Chucky Don Mancini

The fact that they got the guy who created all 7 films (excluding the 2019 reboot which flopped) in the Child’s Play franchise to create the series is practically enough to justify why you should be excited to watch the TV series. His other notable works include writing for Hannibal, Channel Zero, and Tales From the Crypt which are all within the horror genre, so it’s safe to say the series is in great hands.

Jennifer Tilly Is Returning As Tiffany

Jennifer Tilly

Fans of the films will also be glad to know that Jennifer Tilly is back to reprise her iconic role as the human version of Tiffany, Chucky’s equally sadistic love interest. The actress starred in 4 Child’s Play films including Bride of Chucky, Seed of Chucky, Curse of Chucky, and Cult of Chucky. Given this, it’s pretty obvious that there’s no one else that can play Tiffany better than her.

The Premise

Viewers will be pleased to know that the plot of the TV series will be a sequel to Cult of Chucky. If you haven’t seen it, you may want to. However, as long as you are familiar with the story, you’ll be fine following the series. In particular, the plot will follow Jake Wheeler, a socially awkward kid whose father won’t accept that he’s gay. When Jake finds Chucky at a yard sale, the two form an unlikely bond and alliance. Consequently, Chucky unleashes hell on the people around Jake, exposing deep hypocrisies and hidden secrets in the town.

Child’s Play 2 Fans Are In For A Treat

Chucky 2

Child’s Play 2 was one of the more popular films of the franchise. It has some of the best kills, the darkest tones, and the creepiest Chucky look. Don Mancini confirmed in his Comic-Con International panel for Chucky that the series will steer back to the tone and design of Child’s Play 2.

An Exciting New Cast

Jake Wheeler

It’s one thing to look forward to past cast members reprising their roles for a nostalgic feel. But it’s also another thing to see fresh faces joining Chucky the TV series to give it an exciting, contemporary vibe. Some of the new cast include: Devon Sawa, Alex Vincent, and Christine Elise.

Brad Dourif Reprises His Role

Brad Dourif

Fans of the films (sans the 2019 reboot) will also be excited to watch (or hear) Brad Dourif reprise his role. As the original, iconic voice of Chucky reunites with Mancini, things are bound to get interesting.

We’ll See More of Charles Lee Ray’s Origin Story

Charles Lee Ray

Nowadays, we all seem to have a fascination towards the origin stories of villains. We’ve had films telling the origin stories of the Joker, Cruella de Vil, Revenge of the Sith, and Maleficent. Now, the same will happen for Chucky, which will give fans a better understanding of how the man inside the doll came to be the serial killer that he is.

It Will Attract (Slightly) Older Audiences

Chucky Series

In the past films, Chucky was always attached to kids. This time, however, the series is casting young adults to play a bunch of teens. This move makes plenty of sense, given that the film itself is violent and dark. Plus, this widens the show’s audience to fans of the films who are now adults AND younger generations who are yet to be introduced to the franchise.

Awesome (And Gorey) Kills

Chucky Kills

Last but not the least, teasers of the series promise to give viewers a thrilling and horrific experience. Anyone familiar with the franchise already know Mancini’s brilliance for the genre, so expectations are definitely high when it comes to the killing scenes. Let’s just hope that the series lives up to them!

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