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Why You Should Hop on the Lupin Bandwagon

By Bea

If you’re a fan of Netflix, chances are you’ve already been recommended to watch the streaming website’s newest series Lupin. Since its debut last January 8, the series already captured the attention of 70 million households. In fact, it has even more viewers than the hit The Queen’s Gambit. So what is it about Netflix Lupin that makes it so successful? Also, is the hype even worth it? My answer is yes. So here are the top reasons why you should hop on the Lupin bandwagon!

The Heart-Wrenching Premise

Some may think that Lupin is just another show about stealing and outsmarting the police. Yes, the show’s protagonist, Assane Diop, is a professional thief. But he’s not just one of your run-of-the-mill street thief. On the contrary, he highly regards himself as a gentleman thief because of his deep rooted obsession with the fictional character Arsène Lupin. This obsession started when he was a kid, as his father left him an Arsène Lupin book for his birthday. Now, this is when the show starts to tug at your heartstrings. Assane’s father was framed for a theft by his employer the wealthy Pellegrini family. Filled with shame, his father killed himself while he was in prison. Because of this, Assane sets out to get revenge on the Pellegrinis and clear his father’s name, all the while using his wit, charm, and skills in thievery.

Its Cunning Storytelling

One of the things that will get you hooked on this show is that it never fails to keep you at the edge of your seat. Just when you think the story is going in a certain direction, it takes a turn and just keeps you guessing where it’s headed. I guess this is part of Assane’s style as a thief. I noticed that in each of his missions, he always make sure that he is one step (or even two steps) ahead of everyone. Just when you think he is about to get caught, he manages to outsmart his adversaries. I mean the guy steals a multi million dollar necklace at The Louvre without so much as breaking a sweat! Moreover, he’s also quite the tech geek with his big computers kept away at his ‘lair’.

He’s a Master of Disguise

Apart from his wit and charm, Assane is also surprisingly pretty good at disguising himself. An example of this is when he prepares to go on live television as on old man. We actually see him in his dressing room, putting on make-up and actually knowing (and naming) the different types of make-up brushes. This was interesting to watch because badass male characters aren’t usually shown as savvy make-up artists. This even makes him more of a badass, am I right?

Assane’s Finesse

Part of what makes Assane a gentleman thief is the way he carries himself. He acts with such confidence and finesse that people never expect him to be the thief that he is. Though his confidence (or cockiness) can also get a tad bit too much at times, there’s no doubt this is what makes him great at what he does. I remember this scene from the first episode after he steals the Queen’s necklace. He walks out of the museum, casually carrying around the necklace out on the streets like it wasn’t worth more than my life.

It Introduces Us to Arsène Lupin

Now, let’s talk about Arsène Lupin for a moment because this whole show won’t even exist without him. Lupin is France’s very own Sherlock Holmes. Dressed in a cloak and top hat, Lupin prides himself for his work. He is often a force for good which, to him, justifies being on the wrong side of the law. Sound familiar? There’s a reason why Assane is the way he is, and it’s because of this guy. Before watching this show, I never knew who this character was. Now that I’m a fan, I regret not knowing about him earlier on. Could Lupin be a match for Sherlock Holmes?

It Features Beautiful French Locations

Lupin may be a French show, but most of us watching it aren’t remotely close to the beautiful country. This is why it is so interesting to finally see something else other than the usual mainstream American TV shows. Some of the most stunning and prominent locations featured on the show include The Louvre, Porte Saint Martin, Nissim de Camondo Museum, Jardin du Luxembourg, Ponte de Arts, Les Puces de Saint-Ouen, and Étretat. The last one is my favorite as it features the striking rock formations on the coast of Normandy, France. Nearby is Le Clos Lupin Villa which was home to none other than Maurice Leblanc – the author behind Arsène Lupin.

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