Wii Sports Review

A couple of days ago, I gave you the review of the Wii system. Today, I give you the review of the game that every Wii owner will get when they purchase a first generation Wii, Wii Sports. And with it I answer the question that everyone is eager to know: What is it like to play with the Wiimote.

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When you first turn on the Wii, and try out all the different sports games in Wii Sports you will probably think that all of the games are relatively “short”, or should I say “incomplete”. They could all be cataloged as mini-games in a game like Mario Party. However, the more you play them, and the more times you try out the “Practice” version of each game, the more you’ll realize that there’s a surprising amount of depth for each one.

The most noticeable aspect that all of the games share, is that they were all made to be as simple as possible, yet, they are all demanding in their own way. When you start playing the game, your movements will be awkward and you will make a lot of mistakes, however, the more games you win, or the better your performance becomes, the more difficult will the enemies become.

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This difficulty is judged by the number of points your Mii accumulates. The more points a certain Mii has in a certain games, the more difficult the game will become. If you start losing games, after reaching a certain number of points, your rank will start to decrease, and thus, reducing the games difficulty. In short, the games will always be challenging, whether you become a PRO at them (reach 1000 points in the rank) or not.

From what I read from other Nintendo Wii owners, after you try out all the games, you’ll grow a certain preference for some. For example, I grew an instant preference for the Tennis game, because of all the different strategies you can use, and the boxing game, which is by far, the most physically demanding game of them all.

But where Wii Sports really shines, is when you start playing it with other people. Unfortunately, I was unable to purchase more controllers when I bought the console, but both my parents, and various friends who have tried out the console have already shown enthusiasm about what the multi player can offer. All of the games are great fun, even in single player mode, and when you play them against others, you can multiply that fun exponentially.

The gameplay is as easy as you can expect, but the always-on-par difficulty of your opponents, and the multiplayer capabilities of Wii Sports will make it shine, even after the Wii retires. What we have among us, is a modern classic, not in terms of graphics or storyline, but in terms of something that gaming seems to have forgotten a bit: fun!

As for the Wiimote, well, in most cases, it performs as you’d expect it to. Most games don’t follow your exact Wiimote movements, however, they will correspond to what you’re doing with it, unless you move it in an awkward way. And after you play all of the games a bit, you can be certain that you’ll be prepared for future Wii games’ gameplay.


I give this game a 4.5 out of 5.

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