Chakram WiiMote
The news of a sonic screwdriver WiiMote on the way for Nintendo Wii for Britons (no US release planned, sadly) as reported here this week gave me pause. Not just because it would be so incredibly, epic awesome to own one of those controllers, but because I can think of a bunch of other controller accessories and WiiMotes I’d like to see, too. The sonic screwdriver could be just the beginning. Join me on a journey of imagination, as we explore what WiiMotes could exist if Nintendo was invaded by a bunch of geeks with way too much time on their hands. Or, as I prefer to think of us, an elite group of forward thinkers.

Xena’s Chakram WiiMote
You throw it, it beheads a neighbor, and it comes back – having used its Wii core to analyze the physics behind the chakram weapon and explain for once and for all how Xena got it to do the things it did. (Taking out of the equation any not-so-special effects.) Hey, there’s a Link crossbow game, so why not?

Wolverine Claws WiiMote
Wolverine’s Adamantium WiiMote
-SNIKT- -SNIKT- Now that’s the sound I want to hear when I power up my Wii. Sure, it may look as though he’s flipping someone a cybernetic bird, but imagine the possibilities for play with a pair of Wolverine WiiClaws. I, for one, would rather use the same arm motion for disemboweling baddies than smacking tennis balls at glorified Lego men. The only problem I foresee is the game’s “cool down” stage, which invites you to sit down on an official Wii mossy log accessory with a bottle of beer, looking like you might just howl at the moon for dramatic effect. (A problem in that, horror of horrors, I don’t actually like beer. So you can have mine.)

Macgyver WiiMulti-tool
The Macgyver WiiMulti-tool
Nevermind that famous paperclip, I want to see a Macgyver multi-tool for Wii! Thinking of what he could do with a WiiMote strapped to a bomb is almost too much to bear. I suspect this WiiMote would blow all other WiiMotes out of the water when it comes to Wii bowling. Of course, no pun intended.

What WiiMotes would you like to see? Do you plan to purchase the Doctor Who sonic screwdriver? Do you already own such novelty WiiMotes as the lightsaber?

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