Win Etched Geeky Mugs and Shot Glasses [Dr. Who, Star Wars, and GoT Alert!]

Drinking can be a lot of fun, if you are with the right people. Whether you can hold your own when it comes to alcohol consumption or not, moderation is key, of course. (I have to say that, of course.) I do love my drink, but unfortunately, recent health issues have forced me to go the teetotaller way. I’m not desperate, but I wouldn’t mind ice cold beer, especially if it’s served in this mug.

Cheshire Cat Beer Mug

Or this mug.

WoW Beer Mug

These are the creations of NexusGlass, an Etsy shop specializing in etched glassware – and not just any etched glassware, mind you! From what you can see in the shop, the guys have excellent taste. If those two beer mugs are not enough to convince you, then you might want to take a look at these shot glasses. (Tequila lovers, rejoice!)

Dr. Who Shot Glasses

I would drink everything out of theses shot glasses – water, milk, or even coffee! I am sure the Doctor would approve! And for Star Wars fans…

Star Wars Shot Glasses

If you know a little about etching glass, you would be happy to know how NexusGlass does their work:

All of our etching is done with a sandblasting and stenciling process which leaves a permanent, textured image on the glass, exposing a satin like finish. The process we use to sandblast is a low pressure, low impact system that produces life like shading effects on our more detailed artwork and a dishwasher safe design on all of our glassware.Some of our higher end products are expressed through a carving process in thick glass. This is a higher impact system that produces a carved out, 3 dimensional design. All of our glass etchings here are done with a stenciling process, not laser engraving. We believe in a more hands on approach and natural look. All the designs we put on glass are permanent. There is very little care involved other than the normal use of your glassware.

So you don’t really have to worry about special cleaning processes. All you need to make sure of is that you have fun and NOT break these glasses.

Oh, there’s more…

Since we’ve all been dying for the 31st of March to get here, we cannot have a giveaway without bringing Game of Thrones into it. So, saving the (arguably) best for last, here are some Game of Thrones pint glasses. Perfect vessels for your drink of choice while watching the previous seasons as you wait for season 3.

Game of Thrones Pint Glasses

Here’s what we are going to do. NexusGlass has been very, very generous and is offering the following to lucky ForeverGeek readers:

  • One beer mug. The winner chooses between the two designs shown above – Cheshire cat or WoW. There are many WoW crests to choose from, so do browse the shop.
  • 2 sets of shot glasses. One set each of Star Wars and Dr. Who; two winners.
  • 4 pint glasses. The winner chooses 4 of the designs from the set.

For more information on these pieces, and to see more awesome etched glassware, visit NexusGlass on Etsy. You will not regret it – even if you end up splurging on some cool designs!

As usual, we will be using Rafflecopter, so please follow the instructions closely in the widget below.

We will choose the winners at random on Saturday, March 9, at around 11PM EST and make the announcements via Twitter and Facebook.

IMPORTANT: Anyone can join the giveaway regardless of location. However, shipping will only be free if you’re in the US. If you win, and you’re outside of the US, please understand that you will have to cover the shipping costs.

Good luck!

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