So I’m sure by now everyone is already aware of the upcoming release of Windows 7 and all the new and improved features it comes with, but you might not have heard of Nanami Madobe. According to Akiba PC, the Japanese version of Windows 7 Ultimate will be getting an OS-tan named Nanami Madobe who will be voiced by popular singer Nana Mizuki. So what is an OS-tan you ask? simple, it’s basically a mascot character drawn anime-style that represents an operating system (more details here).

The problem with Nanami though, is that she was actually created by Microsoft, unlike the other OS-tans which were all fan-made. One could argue that Nanami isn’t a real OS-tan because she wasn’t created by fans. It would be interesting to see if the OS-tan community will accept her the way she is, make some slight modifications, or create a new character entirely. Personally, I think she fits in pretty well with the other OS-tans:


Anyone care to guess who’s who?

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