Wins and Fails This Week in Geek v. 6

Onward we rush to the closure of another week in geek, this time featuring more than a healthy dose of news and happenings related to comics-to-movies adaptations. Let’s dive right in, before the ever-fluctuating rumors change course and render this entire post a fail.

FAIL: Sub-mariner Fanboys
It’s a shame I have to call fail the fans of the mostly lovable Marvel hero Namor the Sub-Mariner this week, but there aren’t many other ways to describe the faux buzz surrounding his reported inclusion in the upcoming Captain America movie. Despite being an Invader – and despite the Invaders being included in the film – Namor will not be making an appearance, or so the film’s director Joe Johnson says. Say what you will about the decision, but any time hopes are raised by false information, a fail is sure to ensue. (A+ for enthusiasm, though.)

WIN: Spidey Fanboys
Reluctant as I am to pit Marvel fans vs. Marvel fans, this week brought far better news for Spider-Man devotees. Adorable actress and singer Zooey Deschanel has been offered the role of Betty Brant, J Jonah Jameson’s personal assistant, in the Spider-Man reboot. Of course, at this point, there’s still room for speculation. While sources say the role is hers if she wants it, it could always go down Namor style. Be cautiously optimistic.

WIN: The Watchmen
Literally a win, The Watchmen took home the 2010 Eagle Award for best film or TV adaptation of a comic book. The Eagles give merit to material published in the previous year, so this was really an accolade for 2009. Thousands of voters from over 100 countries tossed their $.02 into the collective comic-loving pot, the results of which were unveiled at the London MCM Expo. Kudos to Zack Snyder and gang.

FAIL: Barakapool
It’s hardly news that the Baraka-esque Deadpool of the Wolverine origins film was, and forever will be, an epic fail. Now it’s made doubly so by the fact that the new Deadpool movie’s creators are working overtime ensuring fans know the deviations from the comic that sprung up in Ryan Reynolds’ first outing won’t be carried into his next. This was never any fault of the lead himself, who reportedly was unhappy with the changes made to the character. Even Joe Kelly, first writer of the Deadpool comic, has weighed in. He told MTV last week, “If [Ryan Reynolds] stays involved, I know he’s somebody who’s loved Deadpool forever and was a huge champion of the film. I think that they know what worked and didn’t work in Wolverine, and they want to do a Deadpool movie that the fans are going to love.”

WIN: Boxing
Specifically, geeks boxing. Mere moments from now in a magical, far away place called San Francisco, a boxing match pitting employees of high-profile companies like Apple, Zynga, Google, and IBM will take place. The event is being sponsored by the Internet company behind the online TV series White Collar Brawler, who recently went viral and then some for something or another to do with some San Fran team winning some world-famous competition in some American sport involving a bat and a ball…but sorry, this is a geek blog. I’m drawing a blank.

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