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Did you predict that COBOL would be back in the limelight? If so, this week’s a big old win for you. And what about Iron Man 3? Anonymous? Twitter? Is this descending into the foundation of a drinking game? Read on, and discover who’s winning and who’s failing this eventful week in geek.

WIN: Fear
Marvel’s steadily releasing their “fear” teasers, with Captain America, The Hulk, Spider-Man and Cyclops all getting special treatment. The teasers have no further identifying information than the month “April”. Each features a question, such as Captain America’s “Do you fear a loss of faith?”, with a thought-provoking illustration. While the artwork on the Spider-Man teaser is somewhat dubious compared to the others, overall this is a very solid set of images whetting geek appetites everywhere for something big to come.

FAIL: Iron Man 3
Fans of the Iron Man movie franchise may well be mourning the loss of director Jon Favreau, who’s officially passed on making Iron Man 3 in favor of Magic Kingdom. The reason? Unclear. It’s been suggested by Vulture that a lack of creative control’s to blame, but in an interview with MTV News Favreau may have dropped a clue. Of the complicated concepts behind Iron Man 3, which could have to continue the threads of stories from the Thor, Hulk, Captain America and The Avengers movies, he said: “This whole world…I have no idea what it is. I don’t think they do either, from conversations I’ve had with those guys.”

It’s been a while since COBOL celebrated a win, but the archaic language’s time to shine has returned. For the uninitiated, COBOL, or COmmon, Business-Oriented Language, was the first language to operate on machines created by different manufacturers – in essence, a unifying ingredient in the recipe of computing success. This week The Smithsonian National Museum of American History unveiled a web site paying tribute to COBOL, and an entire COBOL exhibit is due in the museum in spring.

WIN: Twitter
Good news in the Twitterverse: a reported $200 million shot in the arm has Twitter on track to open their new data center in Sacramento, CA. The funding will allow the massively popular microblogging service to operate their own facilities, a revelation that’s not new – Twitter’s desire to run their own data center was announced last April – but the cash is a major advancement.

FAIL: Anonymous
It’s been a big week of ups and downs for the hackers known as Anonymous. Not only has it been revealed that they’re the target of Scotland Yard, but they tried – and failed – to take down late last week. After an hour of attempting to crash the virtually impenetrable retail giant, the Anonymous powers that be called the whole thing off. “We don’t have enough forces,” they tweeted.

WIN: Anonymous
As if that wasn’t enough, Anonymous set their sights on a more unusual target as part of their Operation Payback endeavour: fax numbers. Faxes belonging to a number of high profile payment-processing companies like PayPal, Visa, Moneybookers, and MasterCard were hit hard – some numbers stopped responding. Strictly from the perspective of attaining goals (in other words: we present this with no endorsement, do not try this at home, etc. etc. etc.), they did what they set out to do…so that’s an Anonymous win. Like it or not.

Here’s some recent ForeverGeek homegrown win: THOR Trailer + Screengrabs

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