Wins and Fails This Week in Geek

As we roll towards week’s end, it’s time to reflect on the WINS and FAILS of this week in geek.

WIN: The Walking Dead
Freshly edged out of its long-occupied #1 spot of most watched trailers on IMDB, The Walking Dead‘s TV adaptation (from a zombie comic penned by Robert Kirkman – for the uninitiated) is still buzzing hardcore. It won’t actually air until Halloween, but it’s been on fire since ComicCon. It’s already been granted a second season. What else can this fledgling program accomplish before we actually see it?

FAIL: Brand Secrets
Microsoft’s latest mouse has been leaked on a Russian web site, and it looks more like something Posh Spice would wear on her head than something you’d find on a desk. Called “Metro Mouse” (which is in fact a mini-win, since it brings to mind Mighty Mouse), it uses BlueTrack blue laser technology to allow it to cope with less-than-optimal surfaces. Biggest selling point, perhaps literally: it’s the cheapest mouse in the range at a mere $20.

WIN: Resident Evil 5
Milla Jovovich spilled the beans that Resident Evil 5 is already in the works, and that, most importantly, the plot will depend on input from fans of the series as collected via social media. Zombies and the Internet, double geek win. And speaking of zombies…

WIN: Zombies
Zombies are proving their cultural staying power is still in full force, as they’ve been trending on Surchur for several weeks straight. No doubt this is because of things like the most recent Resident Evil film, a blockbuster hit, and the aforementioned Walking Dead show. Or perhaps it’s the first sign of the zombie apocalypse?

FAIL: Spam Control
Specifically, Apple’s spam control. While this isn’t so much this week’s news – because it began early this month when Apple debuted its iTunes-based social media service Ping – the fact that Apple put in safeguards against inappropriate profile pictures (manual approval) but failed to anticipate the spam that plagues other social networks is a total fail. What elevates it to an epic fail is that the spam is primarily malware and phishing scams offering iPods, iPhones, and iPads – Apple’s very own products. Let’s just call it a timeless fail.

WIN: Catfish
This week saw a meteoric rise in interest in the upcoming social network movie Catfish, which will release nationally against rival The Social Network. From the relative obscurity of film festivals to the major social media radar, the word on the ‘net is it does for online dating what Jaws did for swimming. Now, I’ve absolutely nothing against online dating, but I’m positively all for movies that give social networking an intriguing spin. That Catfish is a documentary only heightens its appeal, whereas The Social Network, at least to me, has fallen flat as so much Hollywood flotsam – rooted in truth or not.

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