Winter Is Coming, B*tches: "Stupid" Ned Stark

Have you gotten into Game of Thrones yet? Call me boring, but one of my favorite characters – even when I read the books – is Ned Stark. His character is so solid that even though you can predict pretty much what he will do, you can’t help but admire how honest and straight he is – to his detriment.

I think that’s exactly how the site Winter Is Coming, Bitches came about. ((Winter Is Coming, Bitches)) It’s obvious where the site’s name comes from, and you have to be pretty straight laced not to be able to laugh at the whole thing. As I said, I love Ned Stark, but his steadfastness does make you want to bang your head on the wall sometimes! And that is what this hilarious site plays on – just how Ned Stark values honor so much that he ends up looking and acting stupid.


Remember the scene where Cat goes to King’s Landing to find out who owns the dagger that was used by the assassin to try to kill Bran while he was in a coma? Little Finger waylays her and brings Ned to his quarters in a brothel. He says explicitly not to trust him, but what does Ned do? This image says it all.

I can’t blame him, though. Cat trusts Little Finger. Ned trusts Cat. End of the story.

Remember when Arya’s direwolf bites Joffrey to defend her mistress? Arya manages to get Nymeria to run away so that she won’t suffer from the wrath of the Prince and the Queen. However, Cersei is out for blood, so she goes after Sansa’s direwolf instead. While King Robert agrees with the Queen that night, he probably would have changed his mind the next day. Ned, however, was bound by his honor so he killed Sansa’s direwolf himself.

They’re funny quips about un-funny incidents. Ned Stark is honorable to a fault – that’s why he dies. (I warned you about spoilers!) For some of us mere mortals who are not as honorable, making fun of his “stupidity” makes him a little less awe-inspiring.

More of this silly amusing meme from the link below – if you can handle the humor.

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