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Wish It Was a Lie: Lost Boys TV Show Announced for CW

The Lost Boys is, without a doubt, for anyone over 30, one of the best vampire movies ever made. It was punk and it was sexy and it was cool and it was everything a vampire movie needed to be in the pre-Twilight era. There were no pretty boys who sparkled in the sun or brooded while staying in high school to molest teenage girls while they were secretly 100 years old. No, Lost Boys were about a squad of teen, punk, biker vampires who basically ran a small town in California until one family moved in and changed everything, and it was THE SHIT!

Just watch this scene if you think I am overselling it:

Sorry but as far as a vamp reveal, that is still one of the best (and the guy who directed it went on to direct the Batman movie where the costumes had nipples, which is still a better movie than Dawn of Justice). So maybe you can understand why telling you that the CW is going to be doing a Lost Boys TV show kinda kicks me right in the nuts. CW is the network for teen angst and ennui shows. What this means is we will probably get some show filled with beautiful people brooding over their vampire curse, as oppose to badass vamps who love themselves and want to turn the whole town into them (or their dinner, at least).

So anyway, CW is making a Lost boys show, and if it ends up being good, I will be the first to admit it (but I have a feeling I won’t have to). BUT, the guys who made Veronica Mars are working on it (and that is a good thing) but they have also admitted it will fill the void left when the Vampire Diaries ends, which is by no means a good thing.

People, just leave the good, classic shit alone, okay? Write your own damn vampire story if you have a show you want to  make, but please don’t ruin things we love. That just makes us wanna spike a stake into your cold, collective heart.

By the way, spoiler alert for show, the person LEAST LIKELY to be the head vampire on the show will end up being the head vampire on the show (and we all know you have to kill the head vampire to end the curse). Sorry, that is just how things work in The Lost Boys.

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