Wolverine 2 - Japan Bound

Alright, I’m just going to come out and say it. I didn’t like any of the X-Men movies, nor did I like Wolverine. I thought they were all quivering piles of dog poo, festering in the stink of bad directing and horrible plot lines. Let me explain.

I grew up with the X-Men. Chris Claremont and John Byrne were my heroes back in the day, which eventually led to Jim Lee and others taking over the realm. I loved the storylines, the mythos, and the general concept. Here was this group of misfits, who didn’t fit in anywhere, and they were really awesome. The Genosha storyline rocked, the Dark Phoenix Saga was one I had to hunt down and buy back issues of but I loved it, and the Psylocke transition was dope as hell. Somewhere along the way, I lose my interest in buying comics every Wednesday, but I still pick up the occasional title here and there when I can, just to catch up.

But what makes the X-Men the X-Men are their costumes. Different, yet the same; flashy and bright yet understated. That’s why the first strike against the movies for me was the leather unitards. It was just stupid. Then Rogue was a kid, Colossus was barely a character until the third one, and Magneto’s helmet was a bit too phallic for me.

There was one savior: Wolverine. I didn’t think Hugh Jackman was the best choice at first, but he ended up proving it to me in the end. He took the role seriously – the same way Tobey Maguire did with Spider-Man – and ran with it. Yes, I would’ve preferred to see him with that trademark helmet, but who knows if that’s even physically possible.

As for X-Men Origins: Wolverine, it sucked. The plot sucked, the concept was weird – bone claws? Really? – and then the whole Deadpool thing. It was too many characters stuffed into one pot, and no one cared about any of them, much less Wolverine. Plus, the special effects were a little choppy. Remember the sink scene? Those blades looked fake as all get out.

Now, word is that Wolverine 2 is going to start filming in Japan in January of 2011. That means that the storyline is the famous Samurai storyline from the ’80s (I think it was the ’80s, correct me if I’m wrong). I loved that series, and it gives the movie a whole lot of room to grow. The question is whether or not they’ll screw it up like everything else so far. I’ve got my money on screwed up, but I’m just a cynic behind a keyboard. Who knows what will really happen.

Actually, I know. I know I’ll be renting it or picking it up on video, but chances are, I won’t see it in theaters.

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