Star Trek, one of the greatest sci-fi franchises ever, features some legendary characters and actors who portray them. Star Trek series and movies are loved equally by men and women – and one of the reasons is that is has quite a long list of awesome female characters in it. Some of them were already popular when getting a role in the franchise, and some became famous after their appearances in the show.

Strong, smart, beautiful and wonderfully written – here is the list of some of the most popular female characters of Star Trek. While we couldn’t list every woman who made the Star Trek franchise what it is today, let’s see where these women are now and what they have been doing.

1. Nichelle Nichols – Nyota Uhura (The Original Series)

This actress is the first and the most memorable female character in TOS, widely known as one of the first women of color that wasn’t portrayed as a servant on TV. Before starting her acting career, she was a famous singer. Since her role in Star Trek, she has made numerous appearances in TV shows. Her latest roles were in series just this year The Young and the Restless and the independant, fan funded sci-fi series called Renegades.

2. Denise Crosby – Tasha Yar (The Next Generation)

Although starring in only one season of The Next Generation, she has been one of the most memorable women of Star Trek. Since then, she has been extremely busy filming, which is not surprising, since she started her career at the young age of 7. You can see her in The Walking Dead, Ray Donovan, Southland, Mad Men and many other series and movies since her days aboard the USS Enterprise.

3. Marina Sirtis – Deanna Troi (The Next Generation)

Marina Sirtis, better known as Captain Picard’s right hand and the Enterprise counselor Deanna Troi, is still famous in the science fiction world. She has made appearances in Star Gate SG-1, NCIS, Young Justice and Star Trek Continues. Next year, we will have an opportunity to enjoy another sci-fi action she’s starring in, named 5th Passenger.

4. Michelle Forbes – Ro Laren (The Next Generation)

Here’s another TNG star and sci-fi icon. Known for her portrayal of strong and charismatic characters, she’s most famous for her roles in 24, Prison Break, True Blood and Homicide: Life on the Street. However, among sci-fi fans, she’s best known for her role of Admiral Helena Cain (Battlestar Galactica). Currently, she’s filming drama Columbus which is to be released in 2017.

5. Gates McFadden – Beverly Crusher (The Next Generation)

Gates McFadden will always be remembered as chief medical officer, Wesley’s mum and Captain Picard’s (not so) secret crush. Since her appearance in Star Trek: The Next Generation, we have seen her in Star Trek movies (Generations, First Contact, Insurrection, Nemesis) and comedy series such as Franklin & Bash and Mad About You.

6. Jeri Ryan – Seven of Nine (Voyager)

Even those who haven’t watched Star Trek: Voyager know of Seven of Nine, notable character portrayed by Jeri Ryan – an ex-Borg drone, who joined the Voyager’s crew. Unlike some of the women on our list, she’s more famous in the crime genre, starring in Law & Order, Body of Proof, and Leverage. We can currently see her in Bosch, 2016 crime drama series.

7. Jolene Blalock – T’Pol (Enterprise)

Most people won’t recognize Jolene without her Vulcan ears and out of her uniform. She appears in all episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise as one of the main characters, Sub-Commander T’Pol. Her latest appearances were in 2014 movies Killing Frisco and Sex Tape, and currently, she’s taking a small break from filming. 

8. Kate Mulgrew – Kathryn Janeway (Voyager)

Captain Kathryn Janeway has been doing extremely well recently. We can currently see her in super-popular Orange is the New Black. Before appearing in OITNB as Galina “Red“  Reznikov, one of her most notable roles since Star Trek: Voyager was in sci-fi drama Warehouse 13.

9. Alice Eve – Carol Markus (Into Darkness)

British actress, Alice Eve, has made an appearance in one of the latest Star Trek films – Into Darkness. She was doing great even before the movie, but it seems that her workload has doubled after it. We are eager to see her next 6 movies coming to cinemas in 2017. Sci-fi fans will be interested in Replicas, starring both Alice Eve and Keanu Reaves as the main characters.

10. Zoë Saldana – Nyota Uhura (Star Trek, Into Darkness, Beyond)

New Star Trek movies are featuring characters from The Original Series, and we can enjoy the performance of Lieutenant Uhura once again. Zoë Saldana has been one of the most popular Hollywood stars lately, starring in Guardians of the Galaxy and Avatar, among other blockbusters in the past. You’ll be happy to know that the sequels (Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Avatar 2) are coming soon!

The women of Star Trek infographic

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