Women outnumber men on most social networks. Rejoice!

By andy

Less than a week after we discovered the amazing truth that women know about gadgets too, we’re now led to believe that there’s a helluva lot of them on social networks, too.

Male geeks looking to pull by sharing their favourite links and photos need to be careful where they do it, though, for men still outnumber women on Slashdot, Reddit and Digg. Unfortunately, this is probably where most of the true geeks are hanging out a lot of the time.

There’s also no age breakdown, so while you might fancy your chances are higher on the likes of Bebo and MySpace, you could find yourself in a bit of trouble if you’re not too careful.

However, you might be safest on Facebook, provided you’re happy to play Farmville all evening, or perhaps on Twitter.

Take a look at the “evidence” for yourself. OK, it’s just a bar chart with yellow and red shading.

The stats are based on US demographics, so your mileage may vary elsewhere in the world.

There’s also no accounting for liars.


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