Wooden LEGO Bricks for the Naturalist AFOL

The way LEGO incites creativity is hard to beat. With the essence of the bricks and putting them together revolving around reaching inside you for creative inspiration, it is not a surprise that LEGO has survived the test of time and generations. Then there are those individuals who go the extra mile to build upon what LEGO has established.

Remember the wooden LEGO minifig we featured not too long ago? If you thought that was awesome, these wooden LEGO bricks will get your heart beating a tad faster. At the very least.

Wooden LEGO Bricks

Aside from the fact that those bricks are looking pretty darn good, they are also supposed to be eco-friendly. When the time comes to dispose of them (though we have to admit that plastic LEGO bricks have a really long lifespan), these wooden LEGO bricks are supposed to leave no carbon footprint at all. (Call me a skeptic, but I don’t buy that. Besides, I like the idea and looks of the bricks so much, a little carbon footprint won’t make much of a difference, would it?)

In any case, the following images make it difficult not to want to throw my money at the sellers.

Wooden LEGO Bricks Bag

Wooden LEGO Bricks Bottom


Wooden LEGO Bricks Tree


If this is not a justified case of “Shut up, and take my money!”, then I don’t know what is!

The wooden LEGO bricks can be bought at iichi for 2,835 yen. That’s roughly USD 32. That’s not such a bad price, but the not-so-good news is that it seems that they only ship within Japan. Additionally, the stock is limited, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a rush to grab these bricks.

On a brighter note, you’ve got the idea. Who says you can’t find ways to make your own wooden LEGO bricks, or even have them made?

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