WordPress.com has added the snow effect so it must be cool

By andy

I haven’t quite caught on to the Christmas spirit just yet (I’m working on it, but the mild temperatures and the fact there are still roses growing in my British garden doesn’t help) so perhaps there’s a bit of Bah-Humbug about this post.

WordPress.com (the free hosted version of the WordPress blogging platform — you knew that) has decided that the new snow effect is cool enough to add to its front page.

Having suffered a range of CPU-killing websites over the years — on both dinosaur computers (my fault) and high-spec ones (website owners fault) — I’m wary of the following statement on WordPress.com’s announcement:

Older computers may run slow or stop responding due to snow.

It proves how little I visit WordPress.com blogs (or the blogs of people that turn the effect on) because I hadn’t realised the snow had been around for the previous two years.

I’ve visited plenty of websites that add seasonal effects, but the number does appear to have diminished recently.

Maybe that’s because people running professional web sites are keener to keep things simple, or because we no longer live in a GeoCities world, or because animated GIFs are generally naff.

Still, JavaScript lovers rejoice. Let’s hear it for snowstorm.js!

Do you like the wintry effects added to web sites or should we save it for the real world and leave cyberspace free from snow and flashing Christmas decorations?

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