World of Nintendo - Circa 1990


In the glory days of Nintendo, Nintendo _was_ video games. Sort of like how Kleenex is tissues, and Q-Tips are cotton swabs. This just happened to be in the late 80’s, and early 90’s, a time where good taste had been thrown out the window in favor of the most ridiculous fads and styles in the history of the world.

Nintendo wasn’t one to sit idly by and miss this, so they decided to create a catalog of merchandise with their logo on it. Not just any catalog, a catalog full of every item imaginable emblazoned with the Nintendo logo, or Mario, or Zelda.

Be sure to read the captions too, they are hilarious.

I wonder how much of this stuff still exists today, and how much it would sell for. I’m digging that camo mario t-shirt, myself. If you can’t find any of those items on eBay, check out “’80s Tee’s”: for a good selection of Nintendo related apparel.


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