World War Hulk ends, raises new questions

By Mel


A friend of mine just called me yesterday and you could hear the excitement in his voice. World War Hulk, the big comicbook event at Marvel Comics has just finished with the release of the last issue and he said he just finished reading it. I asked him how it was and the verdict was quite expected — he said it was one of the best storylines he has read in years. This was the Hulk as he envisioned him to be — a walking force of destruction and an invincible, rampaging foe. Sean, my friend, said that this was what the Hulk should have been in the movie made by Ang Lee (he hated the movie but I have to say that I loved Lee’s take on the Hulk mythos).

He said the battle with Sentry as well as with Iron Man’s secret technologies was the centerpiece of the whole short series. What is interesting though was what he hinted at. Does Iron Man’s contribution finally give him a more favorable light after the events in Civil War has turned him into an untrustworthy gray character? Then there is Skaar the son of the Hulk. What role will he be playing in the Marvel Universe. More importantly though, what does the “red Hulk” signify?

So many questions, really. I am eagerly waiting for Sean to drop by to lend me his World War Hulk stash. Hulk smash!

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