WoW Epic Cooking Apron: WoW Widow's Secret Weapon

By Lia

For the wives and girlfriends who have “lost” their significant others to World of Warcraft, here’s a little something to get them back, even for just a few hours or so.

I guarantee you that this WoW Epic Cooking Apron will catch his attention, even for a tiny bit. Trust me, any WoW player will want to check out epic gear that comes their way. (Ooooh, PURPLEZZZ, LEET!!!) And when you’ve gotten his attention and successfully lured him away from the computer, that’s when you attack! Stun him and tie him to the bed, hehe!

If all else fails, you can always try wearing this apron… NAKED. Hehehe!

You know what they say, if you can’t beat ’em, then join ’em! You don’t necessarily have to play the game, but if you want get him to talk you, then try to at least talk his “language”.

Hmmm, makes me wonder.

To all World of Warcraft widows out there, would you rather have your husband stop playing WoW (and be normal human being husband) but he ends up cheating on you anyway? Or have him be addicted to WoW and be faithful?

Because honestly, since your significant other is always in front of the computer playing WoW, it’s so much easier to keep an eye on him, haha!

Where to buy: Cafe Press
Price: $22.00

[ Image courtesy of Cafe Press ]

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