WoWeekly: Cataclysm Screenshots and Children's Week

By Lia

A new Cataclysm screenshot came out today, after the news of the start of the Cataclysm Alpha testing.

Hopefully, new screenshot teasers will come out since more people will be play-testing the new expansion. I’m sooo envious of those alpha testers! Unfortunately though, it’s not open to the public and is only available to friends and family of Blizzard employees, hence the name “Cataclysm Friends & Family Alpha”. So if you get any email claiming to give you access to become an alpha, it is most probably a SCAM. Mmmkay?

Any Blizzard employee want to adopt or marry me? Haha.

I have to be honest, I’m really getting bored out of my mind in World of Warcraft at the moment. I haven’t been logging in much, except for our raid times which is around 4 times a week, for around 4 hours a day. That’s 16 hours gameplay total for a week. That used to be my number of hours played in a day, haha!

My other guildmates are getting bored, too so I’m not surprised that they’re not logging on as often as they normally do. Well, that can’t be avoided! This is the lull that happens before an expansion.

Oh, but fortunately for those who are still hopelessly addicted to World of Warcraft and can’t log off, Children’s Week is up! Going around and touring Azeroth orphans will probably entertain you for a day, and multiply that by how many alts you have, you’ll have enough to do for a week.

But that’s given that you haven’t done Children’s Week last year, because if you did Children’s Week last year, the quest line in Dalaran does not reset so that means you won’t be able to complete Children’s Week this year. Sucks!

Anyway, here are more Cataclysm screenshots I found all over the internet. Nothing too great, but I’m mildly intrigued by the screenshots of the dark, rainy towns. I wonder if those are the starting areas of the Worgen class?

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