WoWeekly: Convert Your WoW Accounts to Accounts And Get An In-Game Penguin Pet!

By Lia

I find it hilarious that Blizzard had to bribe their subscribers to convert their WoW accounts into accounts. Nothing wrong with that tho, just extremely funny (in an eye-rolling way).

Seriously, Blizzard has been asking people to convert their accounts for a while now. Probably a good 2-3 months. And I’m guessing a good majority of players still hasn’t converted their accounts. It’s either the players are really lazy, OR they’re too engrossed in the game that they don’t see the announcements all together.

So what do you get if you convert your WoW account to a account?

You can:

  • have a centralized account system for all Blizzard games. Single username and password for all-games! No need to remember multiple usernames!
  • manage purchases at the online Blizzard store
  • keep track of CD keys for your Blizzard games
  • access Blizzard websites
  • participate in upcoming beta tests for their new games
  • chat cross-real in World of Warcraft
  • chat cross-game (WoW player chats with Starcraft player!)
  • have a real-life friends list (whatever that means, I’m guessing like a IM messenger list or something)

You NEED to convert your WoW accounts by November 11, 2009 or else you won’t be able to log-in the game unless your merge or convert your account. I say NEED since some people might nerd rage if they experience disruption with their game/play time, haha.

I’ll be expecting an attack of the killer penguins in Dalaran by October 15. That’s they day people will be receiving the pets in-game via mail. No announcement on when Blizzard will stop giving the free in-game penguin pets, but I say stop procrastinating and convert your WoW accounts to accounts NOW! (Yes, I’m talking to YOU!)

Convert your account: US accounts / EU accounts
Read: Account FAQ

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