WoWeekly: How To Kill The Apothecary Trio (Love is in the Air World Event)

By Lia

It’s time for another world event if you guys haven’t noticed the sappy decorations in-game and people running around with hearts on the heads or little Peddlefeets following them around!

The Love is in the Air world event started a few days and I’m relieved they made a couple of changes to the activities. I remember the Valentine’s Day even was quite different last year, like you had to collect cards and stuff. I didn’t bother doing them since it seemed so hard and bothersome. This year, they made the [Fool for Love] achievement a bit more bearable to do.

Anyway, one of the more interesting changes they made is the addition of the new holiday boss called the Apothecary Trio. I’ve been religiously killing this boss since the world even started hoping to get the Big Love Rocket mount. Unfortunately, it hasn’t dropped for me.

I’ve tried pugging the Apothecary Trio boss yesterday and I wanted to bang my face on the keyboard like 100 times. The experience was horrible. The Apothecary Trio wasn’t your typical tank and spank fight and had a few mechanics you had to understand. Pugging it probably wasn’t the best decision but if you are desperate, here are the steps how to kill the Apothecary Trio, explained in the simplest way possible.

1. Talk to the quest giver. You will get a Standard Apothecary Serving Kit which contains two potions: the Cologne Neutralizer and the Perfume Neutralizer.
2. At the start of the fight, the tank and the healer should drink the Perfume Neutralizer, while the dps should drink the Cologne Neutralizer.
3. The tank will take Apothecary Hummel (purple aura) and face it away from the group. DPS group will take down Apothecary Baxter (green aura)first.
4. When Apothecary Baxter is down, dps should drink the Perfume Neutralizer and start killing Apothecary Hummel.
5. By this time, Apothecary Frye is running around and throwing vials of perfumes and cologne on the group. You can avoid the clouds, or just step on clouds with the same immunity. Adds will be spawning, too, but you can just ignore then and concentrate on getting Hummel down.
6. When Hummel is down, take down Frye, and then that’s it!

Hopefully, all the people in your group will have their summons and you can repeat it 4 more times! Aside from getting a chance to get the Big Love Rocket mount, you can get The Heartbreaker, the Toxic Wasteling (pet), the Vile Fumigator’s Mask or the Forever-Lovely Rose. You can also get a ilvl 226 neck piece which is similar to the badge reward ones!

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