WoWeekly: My Initial Thoughts On Mastery System

By Lia

Probably one of the biggest change that is going to happen when the Cataclysm expansion comes out is the implementation of the Mastery Stat System.

For those who have been stuck in-game and have not even browsed the internet about the upcoming expansion, Blizzard is bringing in the Mastery System, a set of new game mechanics that will allow players to make their chosen talent trees more unique.

Here’s how the system works: As you spend points in a given talent tree, you’ll receive three different passive bonuses specific to that tree. The first bonus will increase your damage, healing, or survivability, depending on the intended role of the tree. The second bonus will be related to a stat commonly found on gear desirable to you, such as Haste or Crit. The third bonus will be the most interesting, as it will provide an effect completely unique to that tree — meaning there will be 30 different bonuses of this nature in the game. This third bonus is the one that will benefit from the Mastery rating found on high-level (level 80 to 85) gear. – MMO-Champion

Pretty interesting, I must say. I believe it’s going to make gameplay a whole lot more interesting and fun. The Mastery Stat System will allow similar specced toons to become better in different things and to be played differently. It actually reminds me of the days of Vanilla WoW.

I remember the days when it took 2-3 different priests to buff the whole raid. Not because buffs then we’re given per party, but it was because some priests had better or more improved Power Word: Fortitude. Same with Divine Spirit. Back then, you really had to sacrifice whether you want to be a better healer, or contribute more to raid by giving better buffs. You really had to think about how you want to spend your talent points. Back then, you can really feel and see the difference between a Discipline priest and a Holy priest.
Nowadays, I feel like the classes are too “all-around”, if you know what I mean. If you gear similarly-skilled players with the same level or kind of gear, they will more or less perform the same during raids. For me, there’s no sense of uniqueness and that’s what I missed during the days of Vanilla WoW.

It’s like the game is getting too “formulated” and strategies for killing a boss are getting too linear.

I remember the days when not all rogues can sap mobs because a rogue may or may not have Improved Sap. It definitely made the game more fun to play since you had to think of different strats. The proposed Mastery Stat doesn’t exactly work that way but I think it’s definitely going to promote diversity when it comes to developing your toons and they way you play them.

Well, that’s my ‘initial’ rambling and understanding about the Mastery Stat System. There’s actually no definite explanation on how the Mastery System exactly works, so we can only muse and speculate the moment.?

[ Image via MMO-Champion ]

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