WoWeekly: My Love And Hate Relationship With GearScore Add On

By Lia

I’ve been having a love-hate relationship with this add on ever since it came and more and more people have been using it.

First and foremost though, if you don’t know what GearScore is, it is an add on that allows you to gauge a player’s gear level. It removes the need to manually inspect a player’s gear by clicking on him and checking out his gear, or by alt-tabbing and checking out the WoW armory.

All you have to do is mouseover a player in the game and it will scan and calculate the player’s gear level and show you the player’s gearscore via a tooltip

At first, I found it to be a really great add on since I used it in gauging myself. I was able to see how much better geared I became every week. Basically, it was mostly for self satisfaction.

But lately, ever since it became popular, more and more people are taking gear scores  a little too seriously, to the point that it’s not even funny anymore.

Imagine being kicked out of a Forge of Souls (FoS) dungeon simply because you have less than 5000 gear score. I know that maybe a little extreme, but yup, it HAS happened to me before! Imagine getting kicked out in the middle of the run, and you’ve already been saved to the instance! I wanted to scream and pull my hair out since I wait for 15 minutes to get queued and I end up getting prematurely kicked out of the run.

Just because you have low gear score doesn’t automatically mean you’re a noobie. I’ve seen a lot of people with extremely high gear score do poorly compared to a toon with a lesser gear score when it comes to the damage or healing meters.

Admittedly, I’m guilty of being too discriminating when it comes to gear score sometimes. Like last night for example, at Pit of Saron. There was this druid tank who had 3000 gear score. I wanted to kick him out because I thought his gear was pretty low. But lo and behold, I was pleasantly surprised to see he could hold aggro pretty well! He a very good tank given that he was under geared. The healer was working overtime though to keep him up since his health points were pretty low but we still were able to clear instance with no wipes. Just proves that gear isn’t everything.

So to those who are very discriminating when it comes to GearScore, I think you should take other things (like damage and healing meter performance) into consideration first before judging that someone is a noob simply because of his low gear score. Probably when it comes to major runs like 25-man Ice Crown Citadel, it is okay to be critical, but when you are just running 5 man heroic instances, omigod, just relax!

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