WoWeekly: Remember to Keep Your Accounts Secure!

By Lia

One of my guild mates got hacked a couple of days ago. Unfortunately for us, she was one of the officers of our guild. Our guild bank ended up getting hijacked. The hacker was able to steal all our pots, flasks and food buff that we have been saving for months. And then we were left with a measly 20k gold. I’m not sure how much gold we had originally but I definitely think we had more than that in our guild bank.

My guild mate on the hand had most, if not all of her toons (alts included) stripped down to the bone! And to think she was one of our main tanks in the guild. Ouch! The hacker also hijacker her account and change her password so she couldn’t access her account at all.

With that being said, I want to remind all WoW players to try to keep their accounts secure and here are a few tips on how to.

1. Change your password regularly. This does not only apply to World of Warcraft. It’s actually applicable to all your accounts online, especially the more important ones like Paypal, credit card accounts and bank accounts. Its healthy to change your password at least once a month. And when changing passwords, remember to make them ‘strong’ by using combinations of words and alphanumeric characters.

2. Use a different email from your regular email.
As much as possible, don’t use the email that you are using for your social networking sites as these sites are prone to security breeches.
3. Buy an authenticator. Blizzard is selling these gadgets called authenticators. They are small, tiny gadgets. As small as a keychain. You link one to your account, and every time you log on, you press a button and it gives you a series of numbers that act as the password. Without authenticator, you will not be able to log in your WoW account. With that said, make sure that you don’t lose the authenticator or else, you will have to email or call Blizzard so you can be able to access your account again. The authenticators cost around $6 if I’m not mistake. But if you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch, you can actually get the World of Warcraft Authenticator App for free!

Anyway, do you have a special way of keeping your WoW account secure? Tell us how!

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